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Country Boots

Country boots combine performance technology with elegant chic to create stylish footwear that also excels in the field. Available in a range of upper materials including full grain leather, nubuck and suede, and boasting waterproofing, rugged and fieldworthy outsoles our selection of country boots is available in a wide range of styles for both men and women, from such classic brands as Toggi, Ariat, Kanyon Outdoor, Aigle, Seeland and more.

What is full grain leather?

Full grain leather describes a hide that has not been buffed or sanded down like a top-grain leather (such as Nubuck). This gives it a smooth appearance, and leaves natural imperfections on the surface to give it a unique and distinguished look.

What is nubuck leather?

Nubuck is a 'top-grain leather' that is created from the outer side of a hide, and has been buffed on the grain side to provide a rough surface similar in feel to velvet or suede.