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Miscellaneous Bags and Pouches

Ballistol Pluvonin Waterproofing Spray - 200ml. Pluvonin offers extreme water and dirt proofing and repellent coating for all natural and synthetic fabrics as well as leather on the basis of the very latest technology. All textiles and natural leathers are cared for and waterproofed, including those subjects to the toughest weather conditions.... (more)
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Hazard 4 Reveille - Rugged Oversized Toiletry Kit. Desert tent-encampments, makeshift military barracks, and 3rd world lodgings are the places for which this tough toiletry-bag was designed. But its progressive, rugged looks won't appear out of place on five-star hotel marble. Small pouches for shaving etc. have been around, but this military-grade, harsh-environment type is a first.... (more)
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Hazard 4 Broadside Pouch - Molle Modular Zip Pouch. Use this medium-sized MOLLE compatible pouch to expand the carrying capacity of our larger packs and bags. Its zippered top holds contents securely while a front velcro-closed flat-pocket is provided for quick-grab items. Front MOLLE and velcro area allow further customization of the pouch itself.... (more)
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Hazard 4 Flip-Pouch - Bottle/Magazine Pouch. A classic size/format flapped pouch initially developed for carrying assault-rifle magazines and water-bottles, ours adds a fast-access but secure draw-string gusset, and accordean front- pocket so it can do more.... (more)
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Hazard 4 Clip Wallet. You wear a phone, PDA, multi-tool, or flashlight on your belt. Now your wallet can be worn in the same secure way! Instead of weighing down your pockets, our exclusive system uses a military-grade steel belt clip with a tip made to hook under the belt edge and makes it very difficult to remove by anyone but you.... (more)
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Hazard 4 Rewind Duo Retractor SecuRed Leather Wallet. The exclusive Rewind™ cable reel system secures the wallet to you, reducing the chances of loss or theft. The aircraft grade steel cable retractor can be detached for regular carry and the wallet is minimally sized for all-day carry comfort.... (more)
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Hazard 4 Mil-iWallet - iPhone Case/Wallet. Combines the function of an iPhone-case with a high capacity tri-fold wallet that accomodates a number of ways to carry it.... (more)
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Hazard 4 Mil-Wafer - Biner Wallet. Sometimes a basic small wallet is all you want, but it doesn’t have to be uninteresting. This one features a strong sewn loop that interfaces with a removable carabiner, so it can be clipped to you or your pack for loss-free carry.... (more)
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