Binocular Straps & Harnesses

Allen Deluxe Adjustable Binocular Strap. The Allen Binocular Strap is constructed of an elastic body harness that comfortably holds binoculars against your body to distribute the weight off your neck and free up your hands. Great for hunting, birdwatching, and fishing, and it also works for keeping cameras and other items close by.... (more)
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Butler Creek Bino Strap Caddy. It doesn't just eliminate pressure on your neck, it all but eradicates the feeling of carrying binoculars altogether. The Bino Caddy distributes weight in an X across your shoulders with elastic straps, and keeps your optics secure against your chest for bounce-free wear.... (more)
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Butler Creek Deluxe Binocular Harness (Bone Collector). Carry your optics with the same outstanding comfort and support of the original Deluxe Bino Harness while displaying your loyalty to Michael Waddell’s Brotherhood of Bone Collectors.... (more)
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Harkila Binocular Strap. Binocular strap in waterproof PU material with magnet closure and waist strap for optimum stability. Adjustable length for various sizes and weight.... (more)
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Leica Neoprene Binocular Sport Strap. The ingeniously designed “Sport” belt allows binoculars to be carried without swinging when walking or climbing and simultaneously offers fast access to the binoculars whenever and wherever they are needed. The binoculars are automatically drawn back into the right carrying position when not in use. The Neoprene material is soft, particularly comfortable on bare skin, and the belt can be adjusted to any suitable length.... (more)
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Leica Floating Strap. All Leica binoculars are waterproof to a depth of 16.5 ft/5m. With the floating neoprene carrying strap they will always remain afloat, allowing for the care-free use of Leica binoculars near or in water. The strap’s eye-catching signal orange colour offers optimum visibility, so the binoculars can be found easily and quickly. The extra wide fit of the strap protects the neck and shoulders when carrying heavier equipment.... (more)
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Leupold Quick Release Binocular Harness. Even the lightest binoculars can get heavy after hours of hanging around your neck. Now, with the quick release binocular harness, the weight is taken off your neck and evenly distributed across your back through the “X”-shaped design of the strap, keeping your binoculars close to your body to prevent swinging yet ready at a moment’s notice.... (more)
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Niggeloh Binocular Strap - Neoprene Outline. Great comfort from the wide and soft Neoprene pad.... (more)
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Niggeloh Sport Strap - Neoprene. Nobody likes to hike or hunt with bouncing binoculars. The new Bincoluar Strap SPORT puts the bouncers out of business.... (more)
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40mm nylon with loop fasteners... (more)
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Outdoor Connection Harness suitable for binoculars or cameras.... (more)
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The Ridgeline Recon binocular case has been developed to help you keep you glass clean dry and easy to hand. Made with Ridgeline’s quiet and rugged fabric which uses the Nature Green camo pattern ensures you remain hidden and keeps your bino’s protected. The carrying harness is adjustable and so are the retaining straps for your glass so your binoculars remain comfortable and secure at all times.... (more)
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Swarovski Winged Eyecup Set

For EL And SLC Binoculars
The Swarovski Winged Eyecup Set is suitable for all EL and SLC series binoculars and prevents distracting ambient light from entering from the side of the eyepiece. They fit easily over the ocular lenses and move as the height of the twist in eyecup is adjusted, providing the optimum position for the eyes. The protective lens cap is also made of soft, durable material.... (more)
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Light neoprene carrying strap for Swarovski EL and SLC Binoculars... (more)
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Swarovski LCSP Lift Carrying Strap PRO. The lift carrying strap pro can be quickly adjusted to any length. Keep the strap short for optimum wear while walking or lengthen to ensure plenty of comfort and freedom to move when resting. If desired, the lift carrying strap pro can also be worn diagonally over one shoulder – a popular choice especially for those on safaris. Suitable for all new EL and EL Range.... (more)
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Swarovski CCSP Comfort Carrying Strap PRO. The comfort carrying strap pro has been specially developed for the EL Range. The wide carrying strap features a durable outer material. It also has two pockets, which could be used to hold replacement batteries for the EL Range or the SWAROVSKI OPTIK moist cleaning cloth. Suitable for all new EL Range. Suitable for all new EL and EL Range.... (more)
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Swarovski Floating Shoulder Strap Pro. Made from a special high-buoyancy material, the floating shoulder strap prevents binoculars from sinking should they fall into water.... (more)
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Swarovski Bino Suspender Pro. Keeping your binoculars comfortably close at hand: the bino suspender takes the strain off the neck area by evenly distributing weight across the upper body.... (more)
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Vanguard Endeavor PH1 Birding Shoulder Harness. ENDEAVOR PH1 is a unique Pouch & Harness system for our Endeavor ED Series and a wide range of similarly sized binocular models. It is designed to offer the ultimate in-the-field viewing, carrying and protecting solutions.... (more)
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Vortex Comfort Strap

For Crossfire and Diamondback Binoculars
Vortex Comfort Strap. Suitable for use with full-size Diamondback and Crossfire binoculars, this strap has a neoprene pad with leather ends that is 50cm / 19.5" long and the 3/8" webbing can be adjusted to give approximate lengths between a maximum of 119cm / 47" and a minimum of 68cm / 27".... (more)
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Vortex HD Comfort Strap

For Viper and Razor Binoculars
Vortex HD Comfort Strap. This strap is Vortex's premium binocular comfort strap as supplied with their full size Viper HD and Razor HD binoculars. The neoprene pad with its leather ends and overstitched edges is 1.75" wide and 18" long and the 3/8" webbing can be adjusted to give approximate lengths between a maximum of 99cm / 39" and a minimum of 81cm / 32".... (more)
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Vortex Elasticated Comfort Binocular Harness. Here's the most comfortable way to carry your binoculars for hours...this binocular harness strap spreads the weight of your binoculars across your shoulders for more relaxed viewing. This ingenious strap keeps your binoculars and rangefinders, even cameras, from jostling around as you walk—freeing up the use of your hands. Also helps keep your binoculars close to your chest and out of the way.... (more)
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Vortex GlassPak Binocular Harness. Housing your binoculars and protecting them from the elements while keeping them close at hand is imperative when in the field. The Vortex GlassPak™ binocular harness will do just that. It accommodates a range of full size binoculars, yet keeps them snug and secure. The mesh side pockets holds calls, a lens pen, and other small items needing quick-access convenience. Tethers attach to your binocular preventing accidental drops and the rear zippered pocket holds... (more)
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Vortex Guide BinoPack. Protect your binoculars from the elements, keep the lenses clean, and stow essential gear close at hand with the Guide BinoPack. Integrated bino leash prevents drops and lets you lower your bino with confidence. The full coverage lid secures with a fine diameter bungee and rigid nylon tab. A generous front zippered pouch with shell loops is perfect for larger items such as rangefinders, a knife, fire starters, etc. The side pockets, zippered pocket on the rear face, and el... (more)
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