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Binocular Cases

The Galbin 8' binocular case is precision-engineered to offer the greatest level of protection for valuable optics equipment when travelling, out in the field or in transit.... (more)
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Swarovski NL PURE Functional Sidebag (FSB). The binoculars in the new FSB functional sidebag NL Pure are positioned on the side, so that they can be gripped directly around the tube when reaching into the bag. This means you can use them quickly without having to reach around. This change from portrait to landscape format also results in a better centre of gravity when carrying the binoculars, which reduces dangling. The strap attachments (durable metal buckles) rotate slightly in position, so t... (more)
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Swarovski FBP Field Bag Pro. The field bag pro M impresses with its water-resistant and rugged surface materials and its modern, timeless design. The bag’s wide opening allows binoculars to be easily removed and replaced. Suitable for the EL 32 and SLC 42.... (more)
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Swarovski Bino Guard Pro. Protects your binoculars from rain and snow. Its silent handling along with the pocket for your personal ballistic data and/or a SWAROVSKI OPTIK moist cleaning cloth guarantee you have all you need at the crucial moment. Suitable for all new EL Range.... (more)
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Vortex GlassPak Binocular Harness. Housing your binoculars and protecting them from the elements while keeping them close at hand is imperative when in the field. The Vortex GlassPak™ binocular harness will do just that. It accommodates a range of full size binoculars, yet keeps them snug and secure. The mesh side pockets holds calls, a lens pen, and other small items needing quick-access convenience. Tethers attach to your binocular preventing accidental drops and the rear zippered pocket holds... (more)
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Vortex Guide BinoPack. Protect your binoculars from the elements, keep the lenses clean, and stow essential gear close at hand with the Guide BinoPack. Integrated bino leash prevents drops and lets you lower your bino with confidence. The full coverage lid secures with a fine diameter bungee and rigid nylon tab. A generous front zippered pouch with shell loops is perfect for larger items such as rangefinders, a knife, fire starters, etc. The side pockets, zippered pocket on the rear face, and el... (more)
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