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Fly Tying

C&F Design Marco Polo Fly Tying System. The CFT-1000 Marco Polo Fly Tying System is for serious use on fishing trips. The design started with our Large Waterproof Case, and we built the system around it to create a minimal yet fully functional fly tying tool kit. Travel neat, tie well, and fish hard.... (more)
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C&F Design Marco Polo Carry All. This material tote turns a small flat surface into a productive tying space. Thanks to its unique reversible, self-supporting design, the Marco Polo Carry All doubles as a material stand. A best companion for the Marco Polo Fly Tying System - and especially useful for those, who attend fly tying events and shows - or for the traveling salmon junkie.... (more)
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Vision Gulff Big Mama Predator Resin - Red Glitter. Big Mama, Grand Daddy and Big Daddy are Gulff's predator strike proof resins powered by Vision. All 3 products contain strike proof resin material and mixture of glitters. Color options are silver, gold and red. Create awesome flies and imitate fish skin. Resin viscosity is high.... (more)
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