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Bisley New Leather Gaiters. To keep ankles and lower legs dry and comfortable without having to wear welly boots, gaiters are the answer. These brown leather gaiters are waterproof, featuring velcro and popper stud fastening with lace hook at the bottom and drawstring at the top. The rubber strap for under the sole of your footwear is thick, strong and durable with grip pattern to help hold the gaiters in place.... (more)
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Bisley Gaiters made in waterproof green waxed material. Made from a tear resistant material for walking through heavy foliage. Full length zip, elasticated bottom and adjustable laced top all add to make these gaiters as easy to use and wear as possible.... (more)
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Hook on front, lace and zip back. One size fits all.... (more)
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Browning Tracker Gaiters.... (more)
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Harkila Pro HWS Gaiters. These hardwearing, waterproof Pro HWS gaiters will come to the rescue in wet terrain with dense vegetation. They are made from a strong canvas fabric, and have a windproof and waterproof HWS® membrane, for excellent lower leg protection.... (more)
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Harkila Ledge Gaiters. Härkila Ledge gaiters are ideal for trekking and hunting in tough terrain with loose rocks, grit, and gravel. The short gaiter is designed to keep foreign objects out of your boots as well as to protect your laces and boots from excessive wear and tear. The gaiters are made from a strong fabric blend and are stretchy to ensure that they are comfortable to wear and easy to put on.... (more)
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Redblack Overboots. A clever way to keep water, soil and dirt out of your boots. Ideal for all types of outdoor and indoor work. The original, ever popular Standard Over-Boot is worn by everyone from road workers, park rangers, gardeners, lawn mowers, miners, hikers, hunters, rural, building and construction workers.... (more)
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Rovince Gaiters Ergoline. Permanent anti-tick and mosquito-repellent treatment that's active for up to 100 washes.... (more)
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Seeland Buckthorn Gaiters. Tough gaiters to prevent water and dirt finding their way into your boots when beating through dense and wet vegetation. Buckthorn gaiters have a breathable, waterproof and windproof SEETEX® membrane.... (more)
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