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Face Masks

Chicobag Reuseable Facewear Mask. The #1 role of a facemask is to prevent the spread of germs. So how do you know if yours is functioning properly? An effective mask like our 2-Layer Face Mask prevents COVID-19 particles from entering your nose and mouth or exiting onto those around you. If they can’t get in or out, the mask is doing its job. By choosing a reusable face mask instead of a disposable one, you’re doing your job to help keep others safe and protect the planet.... (more)
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Harkila Deer Stalker Camo Neck Gaiter. The Deer Stalker camo neck gaiter is one of the most versatile items you can take hunting. It occupies almost no space in your pocket and you can use it to hide your face when stalking, and as a scarf, bandana, beanie and more. The neck gaiter is made from a moisture-wicking, highly breathable, stretch fabric that is Polygiene® treated to prevent odours and bacterial growth. It is also treated with Tanatex®, which excels at keeping flies, mosquitoes and oth... (more)
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Harkila Deer Stalker Camo Facecover. The Deer Stalker camo mesh facecover is a highly versatile face cover that takes up little space in your pocket. It is made from a very lightweight, airy, stretch fabric and features a covered mouth opening. This makes it comfortable to wear and doesn’t stop you calling while you have it on.... (more)
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Seeland Neck Gaiter - 2pk. The Neck gaiter 2-pack contains two roll collars, made from a soft, stretch polyester material. Roll collars are amazing items of clothing, with a multitude of uses, as bandanas, beanies and so forth. One of the supplied roll collars has printed Seeland logos on a subdued dark green background. The other features an InVis camouflage print.... (more)
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Seeland Scent Control Camo Balaclava. The Scent control Camo facecover is a highly functional balaclava, designed for stalking. It has holes to breathe through and is designed to be pulled down when you no longer need to hide your face. The fabric is scent-control-treated, to prevent the game getting wind of you. The balaclava is also camouflaged with Seeland’s own InVis camo, which is designed to work across the seasons.... (more)
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Shooterking Huntflex Mask. Designed as a quick and easy lower face covering, to help keep your face warm, reduce visible breath in cold air and increase camouflage through its Forest Mist print.... (more)
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