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Fire Starters

The Phoenix Electronic Firelighter is a revolution in solid fuel fire lighting. Light wood, coal, charcoal or peat fires in just 2 minutes by gently blowing superheated air at the fuel source.... (more)
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The UST Magnesium Firestarter will allow you to reliably start hundreds of fires.... (more)
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WetFire tinder can help you get a blaze going even in a downpour. In fact you will find, these amazing cubes actually burn longer when wet!... (more)
  RRP £9.95 £7.99 Out of stock -
The SparkForce Firestarter offers you an all-in-one compact, durable package, with a special alloy flint bar, hardened steel striker, and revolutionary WetFire tinder. Best of all, you can get over 4,000 strikes out of a single SparkForce FireStarter.... (more)
5 star review (1) RRP £9.95 £7.99 Out of stock -
Ultimate Survival Technologies Floating Butane Lighter with piezo-electric ignition performs without fail in the most adverse conditions. This unit does not contain fuel.... (more)
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