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Oils & Grease

Loon Grafitolin Ferrule Wax. Helps minimizes the chance of breakage through regular lubrication, allowing a rod to assemble easily while keeping the attachments strong.... (more)
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Loon Reel Lube. A combination of lubricants and water repellent, Reel Lube gives reels extended protection from rust and friction. It will increase the performance and lifetime of a reel.... (more)
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Shimano Water-Repellant Grease - 5g.... (more)
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Tetra Reel Lubricant - 1/4 oz. Fluoropolymer Penetrating Lubricant and Bore conditioner with the Widest operating temperature range -100 Degree F to 750 . Migrates to hard-to-reach places to Reduce friction, wear and fouling and Provides rust protection. Easy-to-use Low odor formula offers Bore conditioning for increased velocity. Designed for use in gun barrels and on actions, levers and other metal surfaces subjected to friction.... (more)
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The Rocket Reel Company Rocket Fuel - Red Label. Following on from the success of the Original Yellow Label, TG Developments identified a need for a lubricant with a higher viscosity,which was needed to control the new generation of magnetically controlled Multipliers as the spool on this style of reels was still over-running with Yellow Label.... (more)
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The Rocket Reel Company Rocket Fuel - Yellow Label. Yellow Label was the first in the TG Developments range which was discovered and developed for use initially with the centrifugally braked ABU Ambassadeur 6500CT and other models in the 5000, 6000 & 7000 ranges by Tony Gittins in 1987.... (more)
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The Rocket Reel Company Rocket Fuel - Tournament Formula. Tournament Formula was created to satisfy the demand from Tournament Casters who wished to run their magnetically controlled reels as quickly as possible. Once again the thinner lube needed to maintain all of the magical properties of the original.... (more)
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The Rocket Reel Company Rocket Fuel - Liquid Grease. Yet again the same formulation, but ultra-high viscosity, for use on fixed-spool/big-game reels, and for the gears on smaller sized reels. Also use Liquid Grease to clean, protect & lubricate the IAR (Instant Anti Reverse) Bearing.... (more)
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Zap Zap-A-Gap Brush-On. Complete with brush on applicator, brush on is great for knotless line & leader connections. Ideal for fly tying plus improves knot strength and smoothness. 0.25oz bottle.... (more)
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