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Ensure your gun is safe with the Browning Trigger Gun Lock.... (more)
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GUN-LOK is a security device that effectively addresses the above risks by internally locking the breech of a shotgun therefore preventing the insertion of an ammunition round. GUN-LOK has a profile similar to that of a typical cartridge and is quick and easy to fit. Its in-built 'fail-safe' anti-tamper provisions make GUN-LOK highly resistant to attack or unauthorised removal. In addition, due to its low profile, GUN-LOK allows shotguns and separate barrels to be normally stored and transported... (more)
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The only sure way to show your automatic shotgun cannot be fired accidentally. Simply load into the chamber leaving the safety flag clearly visible to all. Available in 12g or 20g.... (more)
The safe, effective and simple way to prevent unauthorised use of your gun.... (more)
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104" Long, two keys supplied... (more)
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The Nor-lyx single gun lock gives you the chance to expand your weapon storage system with as many (or as few) holders as you need - according to your own design.... (more)
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Umarex Universal Trigger Lock suitable for most Air Rifles & Air Pistols. A simple, affordable security measure that slips into place and prevents unauthorized use of your firearm. The Trigger Lock for pistols, rifles & shotguns is a simple, affordable way for gun owners to prevent unauthorized use of their firearms. It slips into place easily and provides a formidable barrier that discourages misuse of a gun. Second standard key also included.... (more)
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Winchester Gun Lock (with code).... (more)
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