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Rocklands Mere Fishery

Wading Accessories

Loon UV Wader Repair. A quick application of UV Wader Repair fixes the inevitable wader rips, tears or punctures in seconds. It can be used on wet suits, Gore-Tex, spray skirts and similar items as well. Simply apply, expose to UV light and you are back in business.... (more)
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McNett Aquasure. The industry standard for maximum strength repairs to neoprene and breathable fabrics. Flexible urethane formula waterproofs, seals and protects against abrasion.... (more)
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McNett Freesole. Flexible urethane waterproof repair adhesive for boots, shoes, trainers and neoprene waders.... (more)
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Keep your fly fishing gear in good shape with our protective wader gravel guards. One size fits all. Full-length hook-and-loop closure provides infinite adjustment for maximum protection against wader-damaging sand and gravel, ensuring that waders will last longer. Special nylon lace hook will not detach while wading.... (more)
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Developed specifically for use with Simms Vibram rubber soles, the Simms HardBite Star Cleats offer the best stud solution for added stability in difficult wading conditions.... (more)
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Simms HardBite Boot Studs easily convert our StreamTread soles to studded... (more)
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Simms Hardbite Boot Studs Felt. HardBite Wading Boot Studs - For Felt Soles (20 Count) easily convert felt wading boots to studded.... (more)
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A cleat from Simms that is specifically engineered to fit with Simms Vibram rubber outsoles - utilizing corrosion-free aluminum to conform to micro-surfaces of rocks.... (more)
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Simms Wading Staff. For every cubic foot per second scheming to send you sideways, Simms’ 7075 Aluminum Wading Staff offers a balance-enhancing solution.... (more)
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Simms Pro Wading Staff. Sourcing steelhead across the roiling waters of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula is easier with an ally at your side. Simms’ Pro Wading Staff excels against the push and pull thanks to the lightweight, high-strength capabilities of best-in-class carbon tubing.... (more)
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Simms Wading Staff Retractor. Stay connected Keep your wading staff secure and at the ready, with this bomber retractor built with a braided Spectra cable. Featuring an ample three feet of reach, Retractors conveniently connect to both wading staff straps and sheaths.... (more)
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Simms Wading Staff Rubber Tip. A rubber tip for better grip on the river bottom.... (more)
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Simms Guide Change Mat. Stay out of the dirt and rocks with the Guide Change Mat.... (more)
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Snowbee New XS Bank Bag - Large. This tough polyester wader carry bag, has a full two-way zip around the top for easy access, a sturdy carry handle and a mesh panel right around the top, to help waders dry naturally.... (more)
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Drop your hiking or wading boots into this practical waterproof bag from Snowbee and keep the car clean and dry.... (more)
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Snowbee Welly Boot Bag. An extremely practical boot bag with a side pocket for boot socks etc., a stiffened waterproof base with protector feet to avoid chafe and a full depth, double zip so you can step right into the welly bag and out of your muddy boots. A must for any fisherman or country sportsman to protect the car from mud.... (more)
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Snowbee Saltwater Neoprene Gravel Guards. Designed specifically for saltwater wading, eliminating the conventional zip fastening, prone to jamming when wet wading on sand. The Velcro compatible material allows the gravel guard to wrap securely around your leg and secure in any position, completely preventing fine sand and gravel entering your wading boots. Lacing hook attaches to boots to hold them in place.... (more)
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The Snowbee Neoprene Gravel Guard is made of 3mm double-lined Neoprene. Heavy-duty zip, plus Velcro flap fastening. Worn over the top of wading boots, to prevent gravel and sand entering the boots.... (more)
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Snowbee Rockhopper Wader-Grips. Gain additional grip on slippery surfaces with these wader-grips, which can be used on any waders or wading boots.... (more)
Super hard, zinc plated steel studs, give additional grip to felt or cleated sole waders. Snowbee's new Screw-In Wader Studs model for 2012 has a deeper head for extra grip and longer wear-life.... (more)
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This revolutionary material is EXCLUSIVE to Snowbee and transforms wader repair! A totally flexible, clear repair material, with similar properties to other products on the market...except Snowbee Suncure is cured by UV LIGHT!... (more)
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Snowbee Bondtite Flexible Repair Adhesive 3x5g.... (more)
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Snowbee Stormsure Boot & Water Repair Kit. A convenient repair kit for all types of waders or boots. Kit contains 2 x 75mm Tuff patches, plus 1 x 5ml tube Stormsure adhesive, for all applications.... (more)
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A tough, practical wading staff made from anodised aluminium. Telescopes down from a maximum 63" to a convenient 34" for travelling.... (more)
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If like many anglers, you suffer from an aching back after a full day’s fishing, Snowbee's Lumbar Support Wading Belt is the answer.... (more)
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Snowbee Tungsten Carbide Wading Studs With Stud Tool - 20 Pack. New, super-hard, screw-in Wader Studs, with a 4-point Tungsten Carbide tip for the ultimate grip on slippery rocks & pebbles. The grade 304 stainless steel screw has high corrosion resistance, while the Tungsten Carbide head is 30% harder than the highest grade of hardened steel. Easily screwed in to boots or waders, with the Stud Tool provided.... (more)
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Stormsure Rubber Boot, Shoe and Wader Repair Kit. Stormsure’s repair kits are all-in-one packs containing carefully selected contents that enable you to easily make reliable and long-lasting repairs to the respective type of item or piece of equipment.... (more)
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