This page explains what cookies are, how we use them, and how you can switch them off.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files which are stored on your computer's internet browsing device (e.g. computer, phone or tablet) when you visit our website, they usually contain a series of letters and numbers - but don't store personal details such as your credit card details, your name or email address. Cookies are necessary for our website to work correctly, they allow our shopping basket to keep track of which items you wish to purchase, and your personal preferences when viewing our products. In addition to our own cookies some third party cookies, and other tracking technologies (like invisible images, page tags and JavaScript snippets), are used to analyse how people are using our website, and to track the success of our advertising campaigns. The first time you visit a webpage on our site, there will be a small information bar at the bottom of the screen asking you to consent to our use of cookies. If you continue to browse our website, and don't take steps to disable cookies (see below), you are consenting to our use of cookies.

Cookie List

You may find cookies from the following domains saved to your browser:

  • - Required to allow our website to remember the items you added to your basket, and manage the 'My Account' and checkout facilities;
  • - Google Analytics uses these cookies to track which pages you visited on our site, how long you spend shopping, and how often you come back. We also use Google AdWords to publish product averts on Google's shopping search engine, and to create personalised adverts for you that may appear on other sites you visit or any Google Services you may use. These cookies monitor how well our campaigns are working;
  • - Microsoft Analytics, provides additional campaign tracking through their advertiser program;
  • - Social media, allows you to 'like' and share pages with your friends;
  • (includes:, - Social media, allows you to share a product link through a variety of social media accounts.

How to disable cookies

Without cookies we can't provide the high level of service that our customers enjoy. If you object to the use of cookies, please refer to your browsers settings or look at the links below, but bear in mind that our website will not function correctly without cookies enabled.

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