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Savage Gear MP Drogue - L - 120x120cm. Cone shaped, reinforced Nylon Drogue that is perfect for drift fishing – both in fresh and saltwater. Adjustable weight system, nylon robe and fast dry carry bag included. Warning: always pull out of water, before engine start.... (more)
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Wychwood Easy Drogue. A very simple to use drogue. Once deployed over the side of your boat, this single arm drogue will substantially slow down your drifts on open water. Your slowed drift will allow you to fish longer in high wind conditions, covering and targeting more fish than ever before. The heavy duty, rot-proof, dark 'invisible' rope features a C-Lock clip to easily secure to various parts of the boat.... (more)
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Wychwood International Para Drogue. The new International para-drogue increases fishing capability from the boat to international fishing competition standards, by considerably slowing down your drift in high wind situations, increasing your fishing time in the correct zones.... (more)
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Wychwood Competition Drogue. Complete with 3 inch clamps, the Competition drogue can be used to direct the boat on a drift, whilst considerably slowing down the drift in high wind situations increasing your fishing time in the correct zones. Featuring rot-proof, low visibility ropes, it also maintains stealth while on the water.... (more)
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Wychwood Drogue Clamps (Pair). The Wychwood Drogue clamps are supplied as a pair, allowing for easy fixing of drogues to almost any freshwater fishing vessel via either the boat gunnels or various other locations. With a self-locking design the clamps provide a high-strength fixing point for most drogues. The clamps can also help determine the drift of the boat.... (more)
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