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Anyfish Anywhere Sliding Winch. Sliding reel seat in a number of sizes. These allow you to position your reel in the perfect position for your own personal style of finishing or casting. Easily fitted, simply screw the reel into the seat which will cause the recessed foot to clamp down and lock solidly in place.... (more)
The INOVA Bait Binder is one of the most sought after angling accessories in recent years. This new and innovative bait elastic dispenser is a must have product for all anglers.... (more)
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Loon UV Knot Sense. With UV Knot Sense you can smooth and strengthen your newly tied knots immediately. After application, it dries instantly with Loon's UV Mini Lamp, UV Power Light or with direct sunlight. Also works great for repairing damaged flies and completing household projects.... (more)
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Savage GearBottle And Net Clip.... (more)
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Shimano Sync Bivvy Table.... (more)
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Simms Thirsty Trout Keychain. What more could an avid angler ask for? Get one for your boat, your vest, and your fishing buddy!... (more)
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Simms Microfiber Hand Towel. Clean hands equal clean fly line.... (more)
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Smith Creek Rig Keeper. The Smith Creek Rig Keeperâ„¢ is the dropper rig system that allows anglers to easily carry multiple hook rigs that are held securely and protected from damage or loss by its patented exposed ribs.... (more)
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