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Underwater Cameras

Water Wolf 2.0 1080K Underwater Fishing Camera. The Water Wolf cameras have sparked a revolution in understanding how fish behave and react to the bait and lures we present them with. Now, the Water Wolf cameras are better than ever – with a series of improvements that make the Water Wolf camera even more versatile. Waterproof down to 100 meter, which means it can be used for extreme deep-sea fishing. More shock resistant. Fitted with a 100% battery charge mark indicator. Adorned in a CamoTech G... (more)
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Water Wolf 2K WiFi Underwater Fishing Camera. The Waterwolf cameras have transformed our insights into aquatic life, particularly in observing fish interactions with baits and lures. The latest Water Wolf 2K WiFi cameras elevate this experience with enhanced features for greater adaptability. They now include a WiFi feature for seamless video transfers to your smartphone via the Water Wolf app. These cameras support high-quality 2K QHD video recording and are waterproof to depths of up to 100 me... (more)
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