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Ideal for those occasions when you take the wrong turn and are forced to spend the unexpected night out.... (more)
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Adventure Medical Kits Escape Lite Bivvy. You want to go 'Light and Fast' but you need a backcountry shelter that breathes. The Escape Lite Bivvy was developed especially for you! Constructed with proprietary Escape fabric and with a minimalist design the Escape Lite weighs in at only 5.5 oz and packs incredibly small.... (more)
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Expect the unexpected and carry an eGear Ready Kit on every adventure. The kits are designed with practical, no-nonsense essentials to keep you safe and get you found.... (more)
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Gerber Fire Starter. Small and compact, the Fire Starter offers years of use. Watertight construction keeps tinder safe and dry, so when you need it, you can trust it.... (more)
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B.A.S.E All Weather Tarp, with a single person design eliminating the need for a full size tarp. Lightweight and compact, it protects against the sun and foul weather. Includes tarp, guy lines and steel stakes and stuff sack for carrying components when not in use.... (more)
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Ultimate Survival Technologies Survival Beast Tool. The Survival Beast Multi-Tool by UST offers 5 essential everyday tools in one multi tool with carabiner carry clip and built in LED light.... (more)
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Ultimate Survival Technologies Survival Buddy. Features an array of survival items arranged in a fun 'Buddy' shape.... (more)
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23" stainless steel UST Wire Saw with multi-strand cutting wire. Features swivel points for easy handling to cut through logs and branches with ease. Ideal for a number of survival uses. Lightweight and coils to fit in small pockets.... (more)
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Ultimate Survival Survival Shelter Building Card. The Shelter Building Cards describe a variety of shelters, they also provide how-to directions so you will be safe and protected during your outdoor adventures. Part of the Learn and Live Card Collection, these Shelter Building Cards are a convenient and fun learning tool.... (more)
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Ultimate Survival Survival Fire Building Card. The Fire Building Card Collection outlines step-by-step how to successfully build a fire in the outdoors. Part of the Learn and Live Card Collection, the Fire Building Card collection is a great learning tool.... (more)
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TekFire Fuel Free Lighter. The lightweight, compact TekFire Fuel-Free Lighter allows for quick and easy fire starting. It is windproof, flameless, electronic and requires no butane fuel or adjustments for altitude. The lighter comes with a USB cord for easy recharging from any USB port.... (more)
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Heritage CampFire Kit. The Heritage Campfire Kit features a collection of classic fire starting necessities including tinder, kindling, a wood-handled fire starter, and an instructional fire starting card set, all in a rustic burlap carrying bag.... (more)
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Light-Me Tinder. The Light-Me Tinder provides cutting-edge fire starting technology with a classic look and feel. The vintage tin contains 12 pieces of our convenient Light-Me Tinder and doubles as a compact storage container.... (more)
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Gear Snake Tie Down. UST’s Gear Snake bendable steel wire cord with flexible foam rubber coating easily attaches gear or equipment together without knots to tie or hooks to slip. Ideal for tie downs, the strong, durable twist-tie material can be cut to length as needed with scissors or a knife. Perfect for camping, backpacking, hunting, and more, the Gear Snake cord won’t rust, slip, or stretch. It has a 16.5-foot length.... (more)
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Snake Ties. These Snake Ties are fun, flexible, reusable, silicone zip-ties that are perfect for attaching or bundling lightweight gear. Just insert tail into locking head and pull to desired tightness.... (more)
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Aluminium Carabiner. The Aluminum Carabiner is the perfect tool when a lightweight, temporary attachment is needed.... (more)
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Dual Carabiner - Twin Pack. The Dual Carabiner 0.5 Clips, from Ultimate Survival Technologies, are sold as a set of two. When placing an order, one unit equals two S-shaped carabiners. These small-sized keyrings feature a unique, double-gated design for quick-and-easy setup and removal. Feel free to use the two compartments to organize your keys and accessories, or use one side to hold keys and the other to connect to your belt loop or to your bag. The UST Dual Carabiner 0.5 clips are lightweigh... (more)
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Dual Carabiner - Twin Pack - 1.0. The Dual Carabiner 1.0 is a great tool when multiple, temporary attachments are needed.... (more)
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