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Floatants & Sinkants

Dick Walker's Ledasink. Ledasink by Halstead and Hartley, the original Dick Walker recipe. An absolute essential bankside product for the fly fisher, simply rub the Ledasink on to your leader to help degrease and slice through the water surface to sink and reduce the chance of spooking fish. Ledasink can also be used on intermediate and sinking fly lines for the same benefits.... (more)
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Frog's Fanny Powder Floatant. Frog's Fanny is not only the best dry fly floatant that you will ever use, now you can really "Match the Hatch" by coating your nymphs with Frog's Fanny. It will put an air bubble around them that looks exactly like an emerging insect.... (more)
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Fulling Mill Fullers Mud. The ultimate degreasing agent to help your tippet sink and prevent leader flash. Mixed in house at Fulling Mill to a unique formula, this is a 'must have' product for any fresh water fly fisher.... (more)
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Fulling Mill Dry Sauce. The Fulling Mill Dry Sauce is a premier floatant that cleans, dries and waterproofs your fly in one easy step. The Dry Sauce is insoluble in water and will not cause an oil slick from your fly, it's also temperature stable so won't leak whilst stored in warm temperatures.... (more)
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Fulling Mill Line Cleaning Pads. Spare line cleaning pads to fit the Renew Line Tool - The quickest and easiest way to treat your fly line.... (more)
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Fulling Mill High Glide. The FM High Glide is a floatant and desiccant that cleans, dries and waterproofs your flies in one easy step. Simply open the lid and drop your fly into the top, close, shake well and the water soluble powder will absorb excess water and apply floatant to keep your fly floating better, higher and longer.... (more)
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Gherkes Gink Fly Float. Will not cake hackles. Easy to apply.... (more)
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Leeda Gherkes Xink Fly Sink. The sinking version of the Gink. Use to sink flies or leaders to present the fly at the depth the fish are feeding.... (more)
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Gerhke's Gink Knot Perfect Knot Lube. World class knot-making mono lube. Removes 100% of knot slack. For tippets, spinners, lures and all knots.... (more)
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Gerhke's Gink Fly Maker's Wax. Gehrke's Fly-Maker's Wax is now the World's leading selling fly tying wax. Each container is a screw up twist from the bottom container full to the bottom containing the best natural outdoor ingredients known to man. Gink invest over a week to obtain the purity delivered in each batch of Fly-Maker's Wax.... (more)
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Gerhke's Gink PZ Fly Cleaner. Cleans softens and rejuvenates flylines. Will make floating flylines float high again and all flylines cast longer. Just apply with a cloth.... (more)
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Guideline Floatant Bottle Holder - Medium. Floatant holder tube: This one suits products like Dry Magic, Dry Gel and other of the same kind.... (more)
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Guideline Floatant Bottle Holder - Large. Floatant Holder Bottle & Shake: This one is for products with larger diameter like Dry Dip Super, Dry Shake (powder), etc.... (more)
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Loon Aquel Floatant. This premium gel floatant is the world's best fly floatant. Aquel is long lasting, silicon based and won't melt when it's hot or harden when it's cold. Furthermore, it masks human odour and won't leave any slick on even the calmest water.... (more)
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Loon Lochsa Floatant. Lochsa is a premium all-around gel floatant that even works on CDC. It won't mat dry flies made with CDC and is perfect for treating any type of feathers, hair, hackle, or yarn. Lochsa will provide maximum floatation without the slightest hindrance on appearance. It is silicone based, and won't melt in the heat or harden when it's cold.... (more)
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Loon Top Ride White Floatant. Known as "Shake and Bake" by world class guides, this desiccant (drying agent) and powder floatant is fast and easy to use. A fly (still attached to the leader) goes in wet, and a few shakes later comes out dry and coated with a powder floatant.... (more)
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Loon Blue Ribbon Floatant. This pure powder floatant won't leave a residue on the water and is perfect floatant for CDC flies. Just work Blue Ribbon into the hair and hackle of the fly with your fingers and watch it float high cast after cast.... (more)
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Loon Easy Dry Floatant. A treatment to revive flies composed of two things: drying beads and blue indicator crystals. A fly (still attached to the leader) is dry after a few quick shakes and ready for floatant. The blue indicator beads turn pink when the drying beads have become saturated and it is time to get a new bottle of Easy Dry.... (more)
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Loon Fly Spritz 2 Floatant. As the WORLD'S FIRST and ONLY water based spray floatant, Fly Spritz 2 is the fastest way to get a floatant on a dry fly. Simply spray your fly and either wait or false cast to dry and then fish on.... (more)
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Loon Payette Paste Floatant. An excellent paste floatant designed for line, leader and tippet as well as flies. The paste rubs on clear, keeping leader and tippet floating on top. It can also be used as a temporary treatment for damaged floating lines. As a fly floatant, Payette Paste can be applied to large flies, giving wings and bodies a smooth silky coating. It will keep its' texture regardless of temperature.... (more)
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Loon Snake River Mud Sinket. A multi-purpose sink paste for leaders and flies. Snake River Mud helps flies sink by breaking the surface water tension and will also camouflages leader by removing the shine. This biodegradable paste won't harm the environment, or discolor your leader.... (more)
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Loon Henry's Sinket. Flies treated with Henry's Sinket quickly break surface tension and rapidly drop in the water column to where the fish are. It helps nymphs get deep, where they roll along the bottom as naturally dislodged nymphs would. It's especially effective on streamers, getting flies down on the first cast rather than waiting until the materials become saturated. Henry's Sinket is completely biodegradable.... (more)
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Loon Sink Fast. Sink Fast repels water and will actually improve sinking line performance. Designed specifically for sinking and saltwater lines, Sink Fast is a non-toxic, water-based product that cleans, lubricates and protects fly line from the sun's damaging rays.... (more)
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Loon Camo Drops - 6 Division. These non-toxic, tin weights are coated with a durable matte finish that both adds to longevity and keeps the weight from sliding on the line. The natural colors and subtle mottled texture won’t scare spooky fish the way that glossy weights will. The double-cut design makes these weights easily adjustable and truly re-usable, as they don’t require a special tool to open them and remove them from leader.... (more)
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Loon Line Speed. Positively the best line cleaner, conditioner, and UV block for fly lines. By cleaning, adding a slickness, filling in imperfections and protecting lines from the sun, Line Speed allows lines to cast farther and last longer. Unlike most line cleaners, Line Speed doesn’t leave a sticky, dirt gathering silicone fluid coating. Apply with Loon’s Line Cleaning Tool and let sit overnight.... (more)
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Loon Bottoms Up Caddy. This rubber suction cup conveniently keeps 1/2 oz bottles of Loon product with their bottom's up and ready to use.... (more)
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Loon Small Caddy. The"Secure-Top" design assures that .5 oz bottles aren't going anywhere. Perfect for keeping Aquel, Royal Gel or Henry's Sinket ready and available.... (more)
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Loon Medium Caddy. The Medium Caddy fits Easy Dry, Blue Ribbon and Top Ride, and stores them securely and conveniently with an attachment clip.... (more)
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Loon Large Caddy. The Large Caddy is the combination of the small and medium caddies. Now Aquel and Top Ride, or any combination of 1/2 oz and 2 oz Loon Products, are kept together for easy use.... (more)
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Loon Grafitolin Ferrule Wax. Helps minimizes the chance of breakage through regular lubrication, allowing a rod to assemble easily while keeping the attachments strong.... (more)
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Loon Reel Lube. A combination of lubricants and water repellent, Reel Lube gives reels extended protection from rust and friction. It will increase the performance and lifetime of a reel.... (more)
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Snowbee Bee Fly Floatant 15g.... (more)
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Snowbee Bee Fly & Tippet Sinkant 15g.... (more)
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