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Nippers & Zingers

C&F Design Curl Cord. Curl Cord with a split ring and quick-release spring clip. Length 155mm. Extends to a maximum length of 500mm.... (more)
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C&F Design Flex-Pin Zinger. High quality ABS plastic and steel zinger. Long reach 18" Kevlar cord to locking tool clip. Powerful magnet will hold up to three flies for drying. Rotates through 360 degrees to avoid snagging. Attaches to vest or shirt with locking pin.... (more)
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C&F Design 2 In 1 Retractor. Holds two small tools on polyurethane coils. Attaches to vest or shirt with pin bar. Each coil extends independently to 12". Tools attach with snap hook.... (more)
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C&F Design Premium Nipper. Highest quality Nipper. Very resistant to corrosion and with super hard (SUS420J) hardened stainless blades. A concealed hook eye cleaning pin is fitted together with a non-slip elastomer grip.... (more)
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C&F Design 3 In 1 Clipper. Razor sharp clipper with replaceable blades, Hook-eye cleaner, so fine will work on size 30’s, Supplied with two sizes of threader. Ideal for small flies, poor light conditions or freezing hands.... (more)
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C&F Design Spare Blades For 3 In 1 Nipper.... (more)
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Cortland Vest Pack Tool Assortment. The perfect complement of accessories for your new fly vest (or chest pack). It contains our high-quality Curved-Jaw Forceps, Nipper, Pin-on Retriever and our Leader Straightener.... (more)
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Fishpond 360 Degree Swivel Retractor. The Fishpond Swivel Retractor is designed to be fool-proof. Fly-fishing is a game of fooling, and the Fishpond 360 Degree Swivel Retractor is designed to be fool-proof. Once pinned to your vest or pack, it can rotate 360 degrees, thereby keeping what's attached accessible and untangled. No cord or wire to snap either - the retractor coil hides inside the durable aluminum retractor body until you need it.... (more)
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Fishpond Arrowhead Retractor. Quite possibly the most purposeful, elegant, and timeless piece of design by mankind is the arrowhead.... (more)
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Guideline Multi Clipper. A high quality, heat-treated stainless steel tool that combines a knot tyer tip, line snips, hook eye cleaner and hook sharpener in one sturdy package. The D-ring attaches easily to a retractor. Can be sharpened.... (more)
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Guideline Clipper With Pin On Reel. Pin on reel with clipper.... (more)
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Guideline Pin On Reel - Large. Our large pin on reel are suitable for landing nets or other tasks when you need a powerful zinger.... (more)
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Hammerhead Locking Net Retractor. Used to retract heavier tools, nets etc. Locking mechanism holds net in place. Braided nylon line with Kevlar core. 42” reach, 8oz retraction force.... (more)
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Hammerhead Wading Staff Retractor. Keeps your wading staff out of the way until needed. Stainless steel cord with nylon coating extends to 60”. Lanyard attachment to wading stick with shock cord and gripper. Supplied with locking pin and clip mounts.... (more)
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Hammerhead Mini 6oz Retractor - Medium Force. Built on the same 60lb cable with a 28” extension, at 6oz retraction force it is double the Pin version, ideal for all heavy tools.... (more)
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Loon Zinger - 2017 Model. Small and compact zinger with retractable coated steel cable and heavy duty clip fastener allowing twenty inches of freedom.... (more)
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Loon Rogue Nippers with Comfy Grip. Made with surgical quality steel and covered with the comfy grip, these nippers are the perfect blend of comfort and performance. They include a straight cutting surface and a fly eye cleaner.... (more)
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Loon Rogue Nippers with Knot Tool. The all-in-one nippers. Stainless steel cutting jaws, knot tool, hook clearing needle, and chain attachment.... (more)
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Simms Retractor. Dig less, fish more, and keep imperative tools primed for action via Simms’ new and improved injection molded Retractor®. Attachment stems from a stainless steel pin that’s compatible with all Simms waders and packs, while the rugged PE coil extends the reach of your nippers, pliers, and tippet spools to about two feet.... (more)
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Simms Guide Nipper. Simms next-generation Guide Nippers combine aerospace-grade aluminum architecture with surgically-sharp jaws for ideal performance with light to heavy mono or fluoro leaders and tippets. Details include 6061-T6 machined aluminum arms and riveted, stainless-steel cutters. Made in America.... (more)
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Snowbee Heavy Duty Wading Staff Zinger. This heavy duty zinger has a strong retractor Spring & can be used with large landing nets, as well as wading staffs. An aluminium carabiner clip to attach to D-Rings, while the 70cm long, plastic-covered wire cord has a split-ring attachment, so a wading staff or landing net is always attached to you.... (more)
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A top quality Zinger with a satin finish alloy case. Fitted with an 18” plastic covered wire cord and a Stainless Steel accessory clip. Attached with a sturdy safety pin.... (more)
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A quality pair of Stainless Steel Snips, equipped with an eye needle and a knot-tying tool, which will double as a simple disgorger. Ultra Sharp blades will cut cleanly through any size leader material. The flat-ground cutting edge means these Snips can be re-sharpened on a stone, when required.... (more)
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