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Fishing Socks

Guideline Three Season Wading Socks. This half terry wool sock is the perfect all-round choice for fishing during spring, summer and autumn. It has a felted lambswool knitting sole to insulate against a cold or damp environment. The sock has been technically knitted to ensure a comfortable fit for long fishing days and walks by the river.... (more)
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Guideline Glacier Wading Socks. This wool terry sock is made for fishing in cold water environments. A natural quality of wool fibre is that it stays warm even when it gets damp by condensation. By using terry loops on the inside, it gives the sock a layer of insulation / ventilation of air between your feet and the shoe. It can be used as a single sock, but also as an additional layer together with a thinner liner sock.... (more)
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Simms Neoprene Wading Socks. With a low-profile design and contoured anatomical fit, Simms Neoprene Wading Socks keep active feet comfy and debris-free when wet wading.... (more)
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From high-gradient headwaters to storming the tepid flats of St. Brandon’s Atoll, Simms’ next-generation Neoprene Wading Socks are fine-tuned for performance across a swath of environmental alter egos.... (more)
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Simms Guide Wet Wading Sock. Spun from quick-drying hydrophobic yarns, Guide Wet Wading Socks are the ultimate tools for hardworking feet exploring cool summer flows or salt flats. Right Angle® arch support enhances ride across variable underwater terrain, while bolstered cushioning and an anti-abrasion build pampers feet.... (more)
Simms Guide Guard Socks. Ideal for days when waders aren’t necessary, the Guide Guard socks provide comfort and warmth inside of Simms wading boots.... (more)
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These durable, comfortable neoprene socks + your wading boots = easy, wader-less fishing.... (more)
Snowbee Knitted Boot/Wader Socks. We all make do with any old socks inside boots and waders and often pay the price of blisters and sore feet! This is usually caused by chafe or excess perspiration. Our new knitted mid-length boot socks are purpose designed to prevent this.... (more)
Snowbee Fleece Lined Neoprene Socks. Our new fleece-lined neoprene socks offer added warmth inside boots or waders, but at just 3.5mm don’t add too much bulk. They come in a higher length for added warmth and comfort, and are fitted with a split seam at the top for wider calves.... (more)
Vision Zero Socks. These mid-height merino blend socks are good for warmer weather. Thanks to Merino wool's excellent breathability and moisture permeability they feel comfortable and Technical weaving provides a better fit while wading. They are built with a strong Polyamide outer surface to extend the life of the product under hard usage.... (more)
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