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Boot Jacks

Use with any wellingtons, boots. Made from wood, with anti-slip pads. Keeps your hands clean!... (more)
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Wooden Boot Jack.... (more)
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Bisley Plastic Stablemates Boot Jack. Stablemates plastic boot remover is compact, light weight and durable. Simply stand one foot on the ridged plastic base and position the other foot between the protruding black grippers to easily and cleanly remove wellington boots.... (more)
5 star review (5)     £6.99 In stock Purchase Options
Grubs Boot Jack. This Grubs Premium Boot Jack is handy and requres minimal fuss to remove muddy boots and outdoor footwear, especially if you like your outdoor pursuits or walking.... (more)
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Harkila Logo Bootjack. Robust hardwood bootjack.... (more)
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A neat idea for removing boots and footwear whilst out and about. Attaches to a vehicle ball hitch tow bar.... (more)
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