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Belts & Braces

Belts & Braces are not just for keeping your trousers up! Make a definitive style statement with one of our fashionable belts or braces at Uttings. We stock a range of styles including leather and fabric belts featuring some stylish buckles perfectly suited to both town and field. Our range of braces include a number of patterned offerings. With sizes to suit all and belts & braces from Seeland, Harkila, Swedteam, Timberland and more, you're bound to find the right belt or brace for you here at Uttings.

Are braces better than belts?

Braces and belts both ostensibly hold your trousers up. Belts do this by tightening your trousers around your weight, where as braces suspend your trousers from your shoulders. Therefore braces are the better option if you are looking for comfort as braces will not cinch around your waist. However, do consider that if your trousers are too big then a belt may be a better option to help tighten the trousers around your waist.

Harkila Tech Braces. Full-stretch braces with lightweight buckles in a new technical design.... (more)
      £49.99 In stock Purchase Options
Harkila Tech Belt. Elastic, hard-wearing belt with rubberised click buckle.... (more)
Harkila Arvak Leather Belt. Belt in premium quality leather with metal buckle.... (more)
  RRP £49.99 £39.00 Check stock Purchase Options
Harkila Carl-August elastic Braces for buttons. In green.... (more)
      £54.99 Temp. Unavailable -
Harkila Carl-August adjustable braces with leather attachment straps for buttons.... (more)
5 star review (1)     £54.99 In stock Purchase Options
Harkila Carl-Eric adjustable braces with clips.... (more)
      £54.99 In stock Purchase Options
Ridgeline Webbing Belt in brown.... (more)
4.5 star review (9) RRP £24.99 £16.99 In stock Purchase Options
Seeland Moel Belt. Made from real cow's leather.... (more)
5 star review (1) RRP £34.99 £26.99 Check stock Purchase Options
Swedteam Stretch Belt. Silent, durable and flexible stretch belt. The buckle is made of a unique and innovative material which makes it both silent and durable. One size.... (more)
  RRP £39.99 £29.00 In stock Purchase Options
Swedteam Leather Belt. Belt in real leather. 40mm width.... (more)
  RRP £29.99 £19.00 Check stock Purchase Options
Swedteam Braces With Clips. Stylish braces in strong material, green with black details. Extra plastic coating on the inside of the clip to avoid damage to trouser fabric. Adjustable length. 50 mm. wide.... (more)
5 star review (1) RRP £34.99 £29.99 In stock Purchase Options