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Tripod Accessories

Mount binoculars to tripods. Gap of 28mm required between barrels.... (more)
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Hawke Spotting Scope Balance Plate - Universal. To adjust the balance point of a spotting scope the balance plate can be used. This assists in stability.... (more)
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Allows binoculars with a tripod adaptor bush, to be fitted to any standard photographic tripod, when maximum viewing stability is required. The large adaptor is a must for larger binoculars such as the 'Stellar' range, but also provides the best stability for smaller sizes of binocular.... (more)
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Helios Heavy Duty Binocular Tripod Adapter. Suitable for many roof and porro prism binocular models from 40mm up to about 70mm-80mm objective lens diameter.... (more)
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To improve the positioning flexibility of Manfrotto tripods, this shorter centre column is now available. If you need to work with legs set at the third angle of inclination (about 60 degrees) but still require the possibilitiy of the camera up and down to achieve perfect adjustment for the shot, this shorter column replaces the one supplied with the tripod. For tripod series 3011/3021... (more)
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Manfrotto Short Centre Column For Befree Tripods. This Short Center Column from Manfrotto is an accessory for the original Befree and Befree Advanced lines of travel tripods. It goes in place of the column included with your tripod, reducing your minimum working height and enabling dramatic low angle shots. You can even angle your legs completely perpendicular to the column for ground level shooting. A 3/8"-16 mounting screw is provided for attaching compatible tripod heads at the top.... (more)
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Opticron Universal Mount

Designed to clamp horizontally or vertically onto a wide range of objects.
Designed to clamp horizontally or vertically onto a wide range of objects.... (more)
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40mm nylon with loop fasteners... (more)
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Swarovski Tree Fixing Screw

Fixes to any wooded object, includes ball head.
Swarovski tree screw suitable for all Swarovski telescopes. Perfect for stable observation without a tripod.... (more)
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Velbon Hide Clamp II. Velbon’s Hide Clamp II is the perfect solution for securely mounting your camera, telescope or even some binoculars onto a shelf or ledge. The 'G-Clamp' attachment is ideal for use in birdwatching hides, allowing for steady support in often tight spaces where use of a tripod is not possible or practical.... (more)
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Velbon SPT-1 Lens Support. The SPT-1 Lens Support adds support and stability when shooting with a DSLR camera and heavy telephoto lens. It fits between the foot on the lens's tripod collar and a tripod. The SPT-1 can attach to a quick-release plate, Arca-type compatible clamp, or directly to any 1/4" threaded screw on a tripod or head. The attachment point can move forward or backward so that the height-adjustable mounting column can be located in the correct position to screw into your camera's... (more)
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Wildlife Watching Tripod Leg Sleeves. Set of three leg sleeves (for tripods without cross supports). Ideal for camouflaging tripod legs from top to bottom. Length 1.5m.... (more)
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Wildlife Watching Cover for Tripod Mount. For tripods with pan & tilt or ball head. Draw string top and pocket for cable release etc. 16cm dia. 33cm long. weight 70g. Breaks up the shape, colour and straight lines of the tripod.... (more)
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Wimberley Plamp 2. One end of the Plamp clamps to your tripod while the other grasps the object. Use the Plamp to stabilize windblown subjects, adjust the position or angle of your subject, or move obstructing foliage. You can also use the Plamp to hold reflectors and lens shades. One day in the field or studio with a Plamp and you will begin to realize its full potential.... (more)
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Wimberley Plamp 2 - 12" Extension. 12" extender for the Wimberley Plamp 2. Useful if you use a 180mm or 200mm macro lens.... (more)
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Wimberley Ground Plamp 2. The New PP-400 Ground Plamp is an articulating arm used to hold macro subjects and other useful objects. The stake is inserted into a variety of ground types and held by the pipe sheath connected to the arm. The other end (with the smaller black clip) grasps the object you wish to hold.... (more)
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