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Dog Whistles

Keeping your dog obedient is vital for the best performance in the field. A good dog whistle is therefore an essential tool for any professional.

At Uttings we stock a great selection of dog whistles, including many from famous whistle maker Acme.

For the best dog whistles, take a look at the selection online at Uttings today.

Stainless steel. Produces a varying and easily controlled range of pitches.... (more)
4 star review (2)     £6.99 Out of stock -
Ultra high pitch with cork ball. Produces the familiar 'trilling' roll of the pea whistle.... (more)
5 star review (1) WAS £7.99 £7.00 In stock Purchase Options
Ultra high pitch without cork ball. Produces a solid tone with a single extremely high frequency.... (more)
      £7.99 In stock Purchase Options
Solid tone and single frequency.... (more)
5 star review (5)     £7.99 In stock Purchase Options
The ultimate training for all dogs.... (more)
  WAS £17.99 £15.00 In stock Purchase Options
Acme Dog Training Clicker. Solid brass ACME Clicker with high quality spring steel. Loud and reliable. Used by airborne troops on D-day landings and still made with the original tooling and presses.... (more)
      £19.99 Out of stock -
Bisley Puppy Pack.... (more)
      £29.95 In stock Purchase Options