HyCell Camping & Trekking

HyCell Small Working Lamp 2 in 1 - 28 LED. The HyCell 2in1 worklight is a handheld 4 LED torch and 24 LED worklight in one product.... (more)
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HyCell Small LED Camping Torch. The HyCell Camping torch is a 2in1 handheld torch and camping light with a bright 1W LED. Can be used as a standard handheld torch, by twisting the barrel it is changed in to a camping light with a metal hook which can be hung inside a tent. Includes 3x AAA batteries. You will receive either red, blue or black torch.... (more)
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HyCell HS9 LED Spotlight. The HyCell HS9 torch is a portable LED spotlight for daily use in the garage, house, workshop, garden or for camping. This torch is lightweight and designed to be easy to store and transport. The beam is focusable due to a multi-facet reflector and 9 white LEDs. The beam length is approximately 100m and brightness is 70lumen. Operating time is approximately 150 hours and is powered by 4x alkaline D size batteries or by 1x alkaline 6V block.... (more)
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HyCell LED Headlight. Super-bright 3W Digital White LED + two additional red LEDs with four light functions.... (more)
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HyCell Working Lamp SMD-LED. Extremely bright working lamp due to new SMD-LED technology featuring rugged housing with rubberized surface.... (more)
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HyCell Outdoor LED Torch Set. Outdoor LED torch set with 3W LED aluminium torch and red LED warning light. Protection to IP 44, incl. 2 brackets and 5 Micro AAA batteries.... (more)
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HyCell Duo LED Light. Attractive torch-set with 1x AA-lamp and 1x AAA-lamp.... (more)
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