FLIR Nightvision & Thermal

FLIR Scout II 320 (9Hz) Thermal Imaging Night Vision. Scout II is a compact thermal night vision camera built for the great outdoors. Scout II detects the body heat of animals and people in any terrain, day or night. Track game, recover downed animals, watch for predators, and stay aware of your surroundings after darkness falls. With a high resolution LCD display, video out (320 model) and a choice of magnifications, Scout II empowers you to experience wild places like never before.... (more)
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FLIR PS/Scout/LS Series Floating Lanyard. Orange coloured floating lanyard designed for use with FLIR PS/Scout and LS series thermal imaging cameras.... (more)
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FLIR Camera Lanyard - for MS/PS/LS Series.... (more)
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FLIR Hot Shoe (Charging/Video Out). The hotshoe is used to charge the handheld camera via AC power adapter. To charge the camera attach the hotshoe to the camera and plug in the power adapter (power adapter not included). Hotshoe is compatible with FLIR H-Series, Scout TS-Series, and First Mate HM-Series.... (more)
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