InfiRay Hunting Combo - TUBE Digital Riflescope TD50L & AFFO Thermal Imager AP13 inc. 650nm IR Laser


InfiRay Hunting Combo - TUBE Digital Riflescope TD50L & AFFO Thermal Imager AP13 inc. 650nm IR Laser

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Product Details

Manufacturer code: IRAYAT01(TD50L+AP13)     |     Our code: 139045

Infiray Hunting Combo - TUBE Digital Riflescope TD50L & AFFO Thermal Imager AP13 inc. 650nm IR Laser. The TUBE series TD50L is a digital night vision riflescope with outstanding night vision capability, featuring the 50mm/F1.2 large lens, excellent ultra-low light detector, 16+ hour battery life, removable external batteries, and so on. This riflescope has a similar appearance to the Day riflescope and fits the habits of Day riflescope users, applicable to the same scope ring.


  • 440x1080 resolution
  • 1280x960 LOCS Display
  • 50hz frame rate
  • 50mm objective lens (F1.2)
  • 4-16x Zoom
  • 70mm eye relief
  • Dipoter Adjustment
  • 1440x1080 recording
  • 600m Detection range
  • In-built 6600mAh battery with additional 1500mAh
  • 30mm main tube
  • IP67
  • 16gb memory
  • IR illuminator (850/940nm)
  • <13hr Battery life

Outstanding Night Vision Capability?50mm large lens + excellent ultra-low light 1080p detector + image algorithm specially developed for low light environment
The image sharpness at night is greatly improved, and the detection range is longer. In addition, you do not need to turn on the IR illuminator on this riflescope in a lower light environment as with other similar products. Night vision image comparison with other similar products: (the upper image is from the TD50L)

50Hz Frame Rate
Even in the night vision mode, this riflescope can still maintain the 50Hz frame rate to ensure image smoothness.

Rotary Encoder
Ensure quicker operations and smooth zoom-in.

Built-in 6600mAh Battery + Removable Battery
Provide battery life for a whole night.

Adjustable Concentration Ratio and Direction of the IR illuminator
Make operations more flexible. 


  • Resolution, pixels: 1440*1080
  • Frame Rate, Hz: 50
  • Objective Lens, mm: 50 (F1.0)
  • Field of View, degrees: 6.6x4.9
  • Magnification, x: 4.0~14.0
  • Smooth zoom: Support
  • Eye Relief, mm: 70
  • Diopter Adjustment, D: -4~+4
  • Type: LCOS
  • Resolution, pixels: 1280x960
  • Video record resolution, pixels: 1440*1080
  • Capture resolution, pixels: 1440*1080
  • Detection range, m: 600
  • Battery: Built-in 6600mAh and a replaceable 1500mAh
  • Max. Operating Time (at temp.=22 oC), h*: >16
  • External power supply 5V (Type C USB)
  • Diameter of the riflescope body to assemble the mounting rings, mm: 30
  • Max. Recoil Power on Rifled Weapon, g/s2: 1000
  • Degree of protection, IP code: IP67
  • Amount of built-in memory, GB: 16
  • Weight (without replaceable battery), g: <1000
  • Dimension, mm: 395×85×75
  • APP Support
  • Smart range finder Support
  • Electronic compass Support
  • Motion sensor Support
  • IR illuminator: Included
  • Max Power of IR illuminator , w: 2.2

Infiray Affo Thermal (256x192) Imager w/WiFi - 32GB - 13mm

The AFFO Series handheld thermal imager is an entry-level thermal imager for hunting users, featuring both a fashionable appearance and a more compact size. The AFFO Series uses a self-developed 12μm sensor with 256×192 resolution to produce crisp images and supports photo taking and video recording with its built-in high-speed 32GB storage capacity.


  • 12μm sensor
  • 256x192 resolution
  • 13mm objective
  • 9.5 hour battery life
  • 32GB storage
  • Stadiametric range finding
  • Laser,
  • Hotspot tracking
  • Pixeldefect correction
  • WiFi
  • PIP function

High-performance sensor
The AFFO Series adopts 12μm 256×192/384×288 resolution uncooled Vox thermal imaging sensor, the self-developed high-performance sensor enables crisp HD images.

Attractive Brand New Appearance Design
Rounded curve-design body fits human hand shape, making it more comfortable to hold.

HDMI interface to display HD videos on external devices
Designed with HDMI interface (high-definition multimedia interface) uses full digital signal transmission, which not only provides full digital video signal, but also transmits audio at the same time. This device can be directly connected to HD screens, laptops, etc. for high-quality display.

Long Battery Life
Low power elements used in AFFO Series provide sufficient up to 9.5 hours operational battery life.

Additional Practical Functions
The AFFO Series features additional practical functions including stadiametric rangefinding and PIP. Its adapter is equipped with multiple travel charging headers to meet the needs of use in different countries and regions.

  • A.Stadiametric Rangefinding - Facilitate confirmation of prey distance and provide position reference for hunting
  • B.PIP - The screen of cursor position is magnified twice to highlight the target and assist in observing the target details

More image modes to cope with different scenarios
Hot target highlight mode provides better object highlighting capability with more options of white hot, black hot, red-hot and color palette. Wider detection and operating temperature ranges with hotspot tracking function.

Upgraded Protection

  • Upgraded lens protection - Durable rigid plastic lens cap with higher hardness and impact resistance;
  • Upgraded waterproofing - External screen is used in rainy days for outdoor scenarios to prevent water flowing into the interface.

32GB Built-in Memory
The 32GB memory of AFFO Series makes it possible to record all night, meeting the requirements of whole-hunting process recording.


  • Detector type: Uncooled Vox
  • Resolution: 256 x 192
  • Pixel Pitch: 12μm
  • NETD, mK: ≤ 40
  • Frame rate: Hz: 25
  • Objective lens, mm: 13
  • FOV: 13.5°×10.1°
  • Digital Zoom: 1x, 2x
  • Oxyoptex: -3 ~ +1
  • Detection Range, m (Target Size: 1.7m×0.5m, P(n)=99%): 675
  • Display Type: LCOS
  • Resolution: 720×540
  • Battery Type/Capacity/Output Voltage: Built-in lithium ion battery / 3.6Ah / 3.6V
  • Working Hours (22°C), h*: 9.5
  • External Power Supply: 5V (Type C)
  • Ingress Protection Rating: IP67
  • Memory Capacity, GB: 32
  • Wi-Fi/APP: Support (InfiRay outdoor)
  • Operating Temperature, ºC: -10 ~ +50
  • Weight, g: <340
  • Dimensions, mm: 165×60×60

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