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Fenix HM23 Head Torch

Rugged - ideal for running, hiking, camping and climbing!
Fenix HM23 Head Torch. The HM23 is a multi-purpose AA battery powered headlamp that can shine a maximum 240 lumens a distance of 174 feet. Made from high-strength aluminum and silicone, this tough little headlamp weighs only 1.5 ounces and is waterproof and dustproof. Convenient side switch quickly controls three brightness levels of soft neutral white light. And the extremely comfortable, stay put, reflective headband plus 180 degree adjustable beam make this headlamp perfect for all kinds of a... (more)
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Fenix HL18R-T Head Torch - Sport. The Fenix HL18R-T is an ultra light headlamp designed for trail running but also suitable for other outdoor activities and pursuits such as camping and hiking. HL18R-T comes equipped with the all-new “SPORT” (Secure Performance for Outdoor Running and Trail) headband system which provides maximum convenience and reliability. This feature allows the user to adjust the headband with a single hand, ensuring comfort whilst on the move.... (more)
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Fenix WH23R Rechargeable Headlamp. The Fenix WH23R Work Headlamp is the perfect tool for the working professional or DIY tasks. Seven lighting modes are easily operated by the glove-friendly rotary side switch. Two independent light sources include a spotlight and floodlight. Activate them both for a 600 lumen Turbo mode. The most unique feature of the WH23R is its smart motion sensor. Quickly turn on and off the light simply by waiving your hand in front of the headlamp. USB Type-C rechargeable... (more)
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Fenix HM61R V2.0 Head Torch. Built tough and offering exceptional performance, Fenix HM61R V2 magnetically rechargerable headlamp has been upgraded from the original model. Output has increased from 1200 to 1600 lumens, max beam range from 145 to 162m and a new snap-in head band system added for greater convenience when swapping between headlamp and worklight mode.... (more)
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Fenix HM65R Head Torch

Rechargeable! Tough, powerful and versatile! Features independently controlled spot and flood light!
The Fenix HM65R headlamp features both an independently controlled spotlight and a floodlight for a combined maximum 1400 lumens of neutral and white light. Powered by the included 3500mAh battery, this headlamp is USB-C rechargeable and includes a battery level indicator. It is made of a magnesium alloy for better strength, impact resistant to 2 meters (6.6ft), with less weight. Plus it is completely dustproof and waterproof to 2m. The perforated reflective headband reduces weight and creates a... (more)
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Fenix HM65R ShadowMaster Head Torch

Rechargeable! Tough, powerful and versatile! Features independently controlled spot and flood light! - Sea Angler Dave Lewis Review 11'21 - If you're looking for a headlight to brighten your fishing, check out the superb Shadow Master
The HM65R ShadowMaster headlamp has been developed jointly with Fenix as an elite Fishing Headlamp, Hunting Headlamp and Military Headlamp. It features a powerful main beam boosted from 1000 to 1200 lumens, a 150 lumen red floodlight, upgraded non dimming power electronics and stealth black headbands. The lowest red light setting of 5 lumens is particularly useful for protecting dark adapted eyes and is less likely to spook wildlife than white light.... (more)
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Fenix HM70R Headlamp. HM70R is an ultra-rugged, all in one aluminium head lamp powered by a large capacity Fenix 21700 rechargeable battery (included).... (more)
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Fenix HM71R Head Torch. Fenix HM71R is a versatile, rugged 2700 lumen rechargeable powerhouse of a headlamp designed for heavy duty industrial environments. All that power doesn't come at the expense of subtlety however, with 5, 50 and 200 lumen modes on hand for close work.... (more)
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Fenix HP16R Head Torch. Fenix HP16R is a versatile, light weight 1700 lumen outdoor headlamp that is ideal for walking, climbing, camping, running and every day use. HP16R is powered by the supplied 3000 mAh lithium polymer battery or can use 4 x regular AA alkaline or AA / NiMH rechargeable batteries. This powerful Fenix head torch features 3 beams with a choice of lighting from low level to high power, near or far.... (more)
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Fenix HP25R v2.0 Head Torch. Fenix HP25R V2.0 sits at the pinnacle of the Fenix single lithium battery headlamp range. With a huge 5000 mAh capacity from its rear mounted, replaceable rechargeable battery, combined with precision engineered heat transfer from the LED's into the cast / precision machined aluminium head unit, this headlamp delivers massive performance in terms of power output at high brightness, plus huge run time at lower brightness levels.... (more)
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Fenix HP30R v2.0 Headlamp. Designed for serious industrial and outdoor use. It's big, it's bold, it's ultra powerful, controlled by a rotary switch with centre push button and is fueled by 2 x high capacity 5000mAh Fenix 21700 batteries. The main beam with 4 brightness levels of 50, 200, 800 and 2000 lumens and a reach of 270m sits between 2 x 500 lumen Neutral - White pure flood lights which deliver 50, 200 and 1000 lumens. Switch them all on to turn night into day with 3000 lumens of light!... (more)
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Fenix WF30RE ATEX Torch. WF30RE is an intrinsically safe Fenix torch designed for use in potentially hazardous and explosive atmospheres and suitable for most areas at risk of explosion (excluding underground mines).... (more)
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Fenix TK20R v2.0 Torch (USB-C). Fenix TK20R V2 is a powerful update to the popular TK20R and is the longest throwing Fenix single cell LED Tactical torch. This new model upgrades the outgoing Fenix TK20R with an increase in output from 1,000 to 3000 lumens, an increase in beam range from 310 to an impressive 475 meters, tailcap dual switch system, 5000 mAh Fenix 21700 battery and Fenix advanced Digital Pulse Transmission signal system for a combination of ultimate power output and switch reliab... (more)
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Fenix PD36R Pro Edition Rechargeable Torch. Fenix PD36R Pro is a stellar example of the performance that can be achieved by the latest breed of compact Fenix flashlights which incorporate Fenix APF (Advanced Pulse Frequency) transmission system. This technology harnesses electronic pulses to transmit the switch signal from the tail cap to the head, in place of less reliable mechanical systems.... (more)
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Fenix HT30R Laser LEP Torch. Fenix HT30R is a compact, premium quality professional hand held LEP (Laser Excited Phosphor) torch dedicated to extreme long range lighting. The light creates a white light beam similar to the LED spectrum by shining a 10w laser diode onto a phosphor crystal, then focusing the light generated into a tight, long range beam using integrated lenses.... (more)
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Fenix PD35R Rechargeable Torch. Fenix PD35R offers incredible performance and convenient operation in an extremely compact package. This 1700 lumen beauty can reach out to over 350 metres at full power, yet is equally adept at close range and lower brightness.... (more)
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Fenix E35R Rechargeable Torch. Fenix E35R torch is a compact, rechargeable every day carry light with a powerful 3100 lumen maximum output and 260m max beam distance. The light features 5 brightness levels from 30 to 3100 lumens, single switch operation, fast access emergency strobe, mode memory, USB-C charging (cable supplied) and a handy magnetic tail cap for hands free working. Great for daily use, this small yet extremely powerful light outputs a smooth, relatively wide beam making it ideal... (more)
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Fenix PD40R v3.0 Torch. Fenix PD40R V3.0 is a compact 3000 lumen torch incorporating a patented mechanical rotary switch in the head. This controls four brightness levels from 30 to 3000 lumens plus SOS and Strobe modes.... (more)
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Fenix TK20R UE Torch (USB-C). Fenix TK20R UE is an update to the extremely popular TK20R V2.0 model. The most notable upgrade to this powerful 2800 Lumen tactical flashlight is the newly developed and patented FlexiSensa rotary control switch which toggles quickly between Tactical, Duty and Lock modes via single-handed tail cap operation.... (more)
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Fenix LR40R v2.0 Torch. Fenix LR40R V2.0 is a powerful, compact rechargeable LED searchlight designed for rescue teams and outdoor activities requiring both long distance illumination and broad floodlight output in the same compact light.... (more)
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Fenix WF26 Rechargeable Work Light

Includes charger cradle
Fenix WF26 Rechargeable Work Light. Fenix WF26R is a powerful 3000 lumen, 450m beam industrial - work - security - police and rescue LED torch which charges via a compact snap-in charging cradle, suitable for wall, bench and vehicle mounting. The clever charging cable can be removed from the cradle for mobile use and features a magnetic snap-on head for convenient recharging without plugs and sockets.... (more)
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Fenix HM65R-DT Headlamp. Fenix HM65R-DT is an updated version of the hugely popular Fenix HM65R-T headlamp. This lightweight and durable magnesium model is dedicated to trail running and boasts many features that give the growing field of competitive Trail and Ultra runners the lighting they need to tackle many hours in the dark.... (more)
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Fenix HL32R-T Headlamp. Fenix HL32R-T is a premier quality, ultra light trail running head torch that features dual beams and dual power options. The supplied 1900 mAh Li-Poly battery delivers extended run times, and the light can also accept 3x AAA batteries. The Fenix ARB-LP1900 battery can be fully recharged from flat in only 3 hours using the included USB-C charging cable and your mobile phone charger, whilst the removable battery design enables fast swapping for a spare LP1900 or AAA batter... (more)
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Fenix HL16 (AAA) Headlamp. Fenix HL16 is a lightweight, 450 lumen outdoor hiking/running headlamp with 104m max beam distance. HL16 is also suitable for several outdoor activities, such as camping, climbing and trekking.... (more)
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Fenix HT32 Rechargeable Torch (USB-C). Fenix HT32 is a compact, powerful, long range torch designed primarily for outdoor sporting use. HT32 features 3 led colours with high quality beams. An intense 2500 lumen / 640m white beam, a 1400 lumen / 210m green beam and a 400 lumen / 120m red beam. Weapon mountable, HT32 is compatible with Fenix AER-05 remote switch, ALG-06 M-LOK remote switch mount, ALG-00 rail mount and ALG-16 M-LOK QR mount.... (more)
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Fenix LD12R Rechargeable LED Torch. Perhaps the ultimate AA size LED torch, the beautifully styled and built Fenix LD12R features a powerful 600 lumen, 186 meter main beam and a useful side mounted 100 lumen floodlight, each with multiple brightness settings. The 360 degree rotating pocket clip features powerful magnets for attachment to steel surfaces such as car bodywork, adding additional versatility to this premium pocket light.... (more)
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Fenix CL26R Pro Rechargeable Lantern (USB-C). Fenix CL26R Pro is an ultra compact, go anywhere professional quality lantern that offers performance far exceeding its size. CL26R Pro is built to the highest industry standards and features multiple lighting elements including forward only lighting, 360 degree lighting, down lighting and red / red flash.... (more)
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Fenix TK11R Rechargeable Torch. Fenix TK11R is a tough, versatile palm sized tactical torch that is built for police, search and rescue and rugged outdoor use. With its dual tail switches TK11R is ultra simple to operate, features 3 versatile brightness settings of 30, 350 and 1600 lumens for patrol / search use and offers an impressive beam range of 420m.... (more)
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Fenix PD36R v2 Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight. The compact and powerful Fenix PD36R V2 upgrades the popular V1 with the addition of an extra 100 lumens output, a beam range increase from 283 to a far reaching 396 metres and a new 5 lumen eco mode with huge non stop runtime of 20 days. This new breed of compact tactical flashlight with 1700 lumen output takes advantage of the latest 21700 Li-ion battery technology and a deep reflector to offer extreme performance. With the new 21700 battery cel... (more)
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Fenix LR60R Rechargeable Search & Rescue Torch (USB-C). Fenix LR60R is a versatile professional lighting instrument designed for search and rescue use in harsh environments. The torch features a core 3000 lumen, 1000 metre spotlight surrounded by 3 banks of high power floodlight LED's. The spot and flood beams can be used separately, or combined in Turbo Mode for a maximum boost output of 21000 lumens. A unique mechanical rotary switch at the neck of the searchlight controls all functions with ... (more)
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Fenix HT18R Compact Rechargeable LED Torch (USB-C). Fenix HT18R is a compact, premium quality rechargeable LED torch dedicated to extreme range illumination requirements such as search and rescue, security and farming. Easy to carry yet with the performance to reach out 1100 meters, this torch will give you the beam distance you need without weighing you down.... (more)
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Fenix LD30R Rechargeable Torch (USB). Fenix LD30R is a compact, light weight rechargeable outdoor flashlight with 5 brightness levels and 1700 lumen max output. The LD30R takes advantage of the supplied Fenix ARB-L18-3400 USB Li-ion battery to offer superb performance, with powerful light output and excellent run times. LD30R also features dual button operation and tough, rose gold finished bezel ring and mode button for a touch of class.... (more)
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Fenix TK22R Rechargeable Tactical/Duty Torch - FlexiSensa Switch (USB-C). Fenix TK22R is a 3200 lumen rechargeable tactical / duty torch featuring the patented Fenix FlexiSensa rotary control switch. This allows the user to toggle between Tactical, Duty and Lock modes via swift single-handed tail cap operation.... (more)
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Fenix E28R v2 Rechargeable LED Torch (USB-C). E28R V2.0 provides high level performance and versatile features at a great price point in the Fenix torch range. This compact power house delivers 1700 lumens of brightness with a 273m beam distance at the high end and 32 days of use for 8 hours per day at the 5 lumen low end. Great for unexpected emergencies. A new location mode LED around the single metal switch enables you to put the torch down and find it easily again in the dark. Great for use ... (more)
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