Hawke Sport HD 3-9x40 AO Rifle Scope

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Product Details

Our code: 102747

Product Specification

Tube Diameter 25mm
Magnification 3-9 x
Objective lens diameter 40 mm
No. reticles available 1
Waterproof Yes
Fogproof Yes
Illuminated reticle No
Length 12 in
Weight 419 g
Finish Matte
Colour Black

Product Reviews

Collected via uttings.co.ukUttings 5 star review

I sent my scope back to Hawke uk, that cost a mere £3.40. Eight days later I received a new, replacement scope and a report stating that mine was indeed faulty. Replacement doing ok so far.

Collected via uttings.co.ukUttings 1 star review

I have this scope and to start with it was great, then it developed a fault and the groupings were hopeless, sometimes great other times terrible. The scope has never been banged. NOTE * I did not buy my scope from Uttings, my replacement will come from here though. I have emailed Hawke and am awaiting instructions, the review will alter depending on how it is dealt with.

Collected via uttings.co.ukUttings 5 star review

I regard the minimal scope requirement for an airgun to be this scope in duplex reticle. These scopes are good quality.

Collected via uttings.co.ukUttings 4 star review

Well, I have also got a Leupold scope on a centrefire rifle, and the Hawke, while not as good as the Leupold, is great for what I use it for and at 1/10 the price of the Leupold! I use the Hawke at 20m in the range and outside after rabbits, on a couple of .22LR rifles. The only times I find it falls down are (i) as the light really starts to go it 'loses it' far earlier than the more expensive scopes, (ii) as strong sunlight comes across the objective strange shadowing and flairing happens and (iii) at 8+x magnification it really starts to distort. So, for under £40 this is one heck of a good buy BUT you get what you pay for so for bad light, robust conditions etc, don't get one. Still, I am buying another one for a .22LR so it works for me.