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Dents Fleece Lined Weather Resistant Leather Shooting Gloves - now available!

25 September 2019

Water Resistant Leather
During the tanning process, a special treatment is applied to our premium hairsheep leather to make it less porous. Favoured for its natural strength and elasticity, hairsheep leather is generally acknowledged as the best leather for gloves. Durable and supple, this is an excellent choice for lasting comfort.


NEW ShooterKing Face Masks, Caps and Beanies - now in stock!

13 September 2019

A variety of face masks, caps and beanies in various colours.


NEW Merrell Forestbound Waterproof Walking Boots and Shoes - now available!

05 September 2019

Go forth and conquer in this protective pack-ready leather waterproof hiker, built with cushion for comfort during your longest hikes.


NEW Yukon Sightline Digital Scopes - Now In Stock!!

02 September 2019

As a digital device they are resistant to bright light exposure.

They are available as either a 4x or 6x magnification unit, both with a 4x digital zoom, providing a total magnification of 16x and 24x respectively.

There are six selectable electronic reticles with a choice of three colours for customisation, as well as having a high calibre shock resistance.


QYS Pellets - rave reviews! Have you tried them yet?

27 August 2019

The reviews for these pellets (in all variants) keep on coming in and are always very positive.

Have you tried them yet? If not - make sure you do - you will not be disappointed!

We've got most variants in stock - but we do have more stock arriving next week!


Seeland Buckthorn range - now in stock!

22 August 2019

A replacement for the ever popular Crieff range.

Gaiters, Treggings, Leggings and Overtrousers - highly durable and weatherproof - ideal protection from the elements and undergrowth!


H&N Baracuda Light Pellets .177 - now in stock!

22 August 2019

Affordable air gun pellet optmized for FT and HFT. The exceptionally accurate Baracuda Light is the lighter counterpart of the Baracuda Match. The reduction in weight ensures a higher speed and thus a flatter trajectory. Available in 4.50 and 4.51 head size.


NEW MTC Optics King Cobra Riflescope - now in stock!

09 August 2019

MTC Optics King Cobra F1 6-24x50 IR Rifle Scope – a telescopic sight that will appeal to shooters who favour higher-powered First Focal Plane (FFP) scopes.



17 July 2019