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ATN X-Sight 4K 5-20x Pro Edition Smart Day/Night HD Digital Riflescope - offer - save £290! NOW ONLY £499

07 December 2023
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We have managed to secure an offer on the amazing ATN X-Sight 4K 5-20x Pro Edition Smart Day/Night HD Digital Riflescope - get this best selling unit for just £499!


HikMicro - lots of new products launched!

07 December 2023
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Take a look at the latest products (thermal and digital) to be launched by HikMicro. 


Arriving this week! NEW Leupold BX-4 Range HD TBR/W 10x42 Rangefinder Binoculars!

06 November 2023
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When speed is paramount, there’s no substitute for a range-finding binocular. 

Now you can spot and range targets without wasting valuable seconds switching between gear.


The NEW Okuma Tesora saltwater reels just arrived - Superb

04 November 2023
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Huge HikMicro Price Drops!

03 October 2023
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Just announced! Price drops on almost every product in the HikMicro range! Save £££s!


Another new scope from Element Optics!

19 September 2023
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The new HYPR-7 7x50 Hybrid Precision Riflescope - in stock!

This smart device combines the superior clarity and resolution of an analog optical system with the flexibility of a digital reticle, with technology far ahead of its time enabling you to reach further, faster. 


NEW Pulsar Telos - just arrived!

18 September 2023
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Pulsar Telos XP50 (640x480) Thermal Imager. The Telos XP50 thermal imaging monocular is the first upgradeable* device from Pulsar that has been designed for timeless use. As we know, high-tech industries are improving and changing on a yearly, if not monthly, basis. Thermal imaging is no exception. Not to mention, we as human beings often change our habits and minds. The Telos XP50 is intended to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the modern user. It is the first model in a line of thermal imaging devices to offer the option of a technical upgrade.

Users will be free to change to more powerful optics, add a higher resolution sensor or display and more efficient and functional electronic parts. They will even be able to equip the device with a laser rangefinder and additional optical channels, so their product will always be relevant whilst remaining cost effective.

*This new and unique Pulsar solution is currently in the development phase and will be introduced in 2024. All Telos monoculars purchased in 2023 will be eligible for the upgrade as soon as this service starts.


Element Optics - Immersive Series - now availble!

14 September 2023
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Traditional riflescopes have their place in the optics world, but new technology is allowing us to push the envelope of what is possible. The Immersive Series brings you range of ultra-compact Prismatic Riflescopes with many unique properties, including market-leading field of view, drawing you in to your surroundings for a better perspective. Unlike conventional scopes, which present the image from the eyepiece as floating distantly in front of you, the image from an Immersive Series scope allows for vastly improved peripheral awareness, giving the impression that you are immersed in the scene – and with the optical clarity of ED Glass, there are no compromises.


Anyfish Anywhere Bass Pro Mk1 Rod - 12ft 6in - 100-175g back in stock

01 September 2023
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New Scope from MTC Optics - Viper Connect 4-16x32 - just arrived!

24 August 2023
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No other scope looks or performs like it! ! Developed specifically for low-recoil PCP airguns, .22 rimfire and .17 HMR rifles, the Viper Connect features super-short eye relief – just 17mm – for a ‘through the lens’ view that effectively brings you a closer, more focused image of your target. The Viper Connect's lens array also boosts its field-of-view – almost double at 10x compared to a conventional riflescope.