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Filleting Knives

The Snowbee 7" Prestige Filleting Knife has a fine flexible blade of which is 420 grade forged stainless steel.... (more)
4 star review (2)     £18.99 Out of stock -
Snowbee New S/S Filleting Knife.... (more)
      £15.99 Out of stock -
Snowbee New Knife Sharpener.... (more)
      £4.99 In stock Purchase Options
A unique filleting board with a strong spring-loaded clamp built-in.... (more)
      £23.99 In stock Purchase Options
Double action knife sharpener, with hardened alloy sharpening plates one end and ceramic the other. Rugged moulded construction, with finger 'grips'.... (more)
3.5 star review (2)     £4.29 In stock Purchase Options