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3HGR Light Harness. The Light Harness includes the same carrying harness and safety sling features as the original 3HGR. Light harness will keep the gun safely on your back and makes carrying the gun a lot more comfortable. The product does not include the gun rest, but it can be installed to wider variety of firearms and the design also allows muzzle down carrying. Includes Blaser-style 3x6mm sling swivels. Compatible with Blaser, Merkel, Mauser, Krieghoff etc.... (more)
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AirForceOne QD SuperSwivel - for 1 Inch Slings. Quick detachable swivel and studs combo suitable for 1" slings.... (more)
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Selection of swivels to fit various barrel sizes or screw in to wood... (more)
All metal, one piece body swivels... (more)
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Uncle Mikes Tri-Lock QD Swivels. The QD Super Swivels with Tri-Lock from Uncle Mike's are the super strong swivels you expect from Uncle Mike's with the extra security against accidental opening. The QD Super Swivels offer flawless fit and silent operation that make them ideal for hunting rifles and shotguns. They detach quickly like standard QD swivels, but the Tri-Lock system offers additional security from unwanted opening that no one else can offer.... (more)
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