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Stirrup Pumps

AirForceOne EconoPump 300 BAR PCP Airgun Pump. A very powerful airgun pump, with a maximum working pressure of 300 BAR, 4350 psi and 40% more powerful than many other leading brands.... (more)
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When FX invented the multi-stage hand pump in 1993 it was years ahead of its time. The modern day three-stage FX pump has built on that creation, providing a hand pump which is 30% more efficient than any other pump on the market.... (more)
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15 years of experience has culminated in the ultimate FX pump. The FX four-stage pump has a totally unique gearing system you will not find on any other pump. This allows the user to 'change gear' depending on whether they want high volume (with lower pressure) or high pressure (with lower volume).... (more)
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Hills Stirrup Pump - MK4

Made in Sheffield, Great Britain!
The latest Patented design Hills Air Rifle Pump, to allow the fitting of the new Dry Pac Air Flow System. Approved by most leading arms manufacturers.... (more)
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Hills Pump MK4 Dry Pac Filter. This kit is for the MK4 pump only and comes with everything you need includig 1 sachet of DryPac Refill. Not for use with the MK 2 or MK 3 pump.... (more)
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Replacement Granules for Hills Stirrup Pump... (more)
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Webley Accupump Stirrup Pump including fittings and Tri Filter. Features an ergonomic PCP handle, 3 stage design, maximum 250 bar fill pressure and an integrated moisture trap on the handle.... (more)
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Manufactured from high grade materials using acdvanced CNC technology, the most convenient and affordable way to charge your PCP air rifle, maximum 250 BAR fill pressure, ergonomically designed handle with synthetic cover .... (more)
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TriPump Service Kit, Includes all seals for servicing of pump.... (more)
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