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Firebird Field Sports

Firebird Air Flash Reactive Targets. a 40mm exploding target designed specifically for air rifles. When hit with a pellet the target ignites, producing a pyrotechnic reaction and loud bang, to reflect a direct hit. 10 in a pack, free magplate included.... (more)
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Firebird Sniperfire Targets. An exploding target designed specifically for any high velocity live firing weapon. Comes with high tack double sided tape to allow the target to be affixed to a clean, dry surface. Available in 40mm or 65mm sizes. 10 targets in a pack.... (more)
Firebird Shooting Star for Clays Targets. These exploding 65mm targets are designed to be attached to a standard clay. When hit the target produces white smoke, a bright flash and loud bang. Pack includes 10 targets.... (more)
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