.25 Pellets

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Air Arms Field Domed Pellets. When only the best will do, choose Air Arms pellets. Consistency and accuracy are the key to successful shooting and the Air Arms Diablo Field delivers both in abundance. Stringent controls ensure that the pellets are produced to the highest standards, giving you confidence with that all important shot. A very popular choice with hunters and a good all round performing pellet.... (more)
AirForceOne Panther Heavy Metal .25 Pellets x 150. Panther pellets are clean, consistent & ballistically efficient to achieve faster flight, greater accuracy and deeper penetration. The pellets weigh in at 31 grains.... (more)
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Medium weight, hunting pellet with flat trajectory for medium ranges. Maximum shock effect and deformation of pellets. Smooth with large hollow point.... (more)

BSA Pylarm .25 Pellets x 200

Low profile head for maximum shock-energy on impact!
BSA Pylarm Domed Pellets.... (more)
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H&N Field and Target Trophy .25 Pellets x 200

Medium-weight, extremely accurate competition air gun pellet!
Field and Target Trophy Domed Pellets. Medium-weight, extremely accurate hunting pellet with flat trajectory for medium ranges. Exceptional aerodynamic design for high impact and penetration. Tightest shot groups. Lowest rate of lead fouling and consistent shot spreads thanks to special alloy. Smooth.... (more)
The H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme are heavy, exceptionally accurate hunting pellets for long ranges. Deep, cross-shaped hollow tip for tremendous shock effect and rapid energy transfer.... (more)
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H&N Grizzly Pellets - .25 x 150

Heavy hunting bullet!
H&N Grizzly Pellets - .25 x 150. Heavy hunting bullet for powerful air rifles. Star-shaped hollow point for ideal mushrooming (165% of caliber) and highest energy transfer in game. Hollow base for superior sealing and optimal energy utilization. For PCP rifles only!... (more)
JSB Exact King Heavy Pellets - .25 x300. The first JSB Exact pellet in cal.25. Carefully designed, precisely produced and hand picked quality control ensure supreme accuracy. A middle-ranged weight ensures it is suitable for most air guns in this calibre.... (more)
Super H Point Hollow Point Pellets.... (more)
Superdome Domed Pellets. The RWS SUPERDOME 2.00 g airgun pellet has the so-called English bulldog shape with a round head, but a smooth tail section. Due to this design, the pellet achieves high penetration power and depth. This airgun pellet is convincing due to its high precision and shows low energy decline in the trajectory. The RWS SUPERDOME 2.00 g is very popular for spring-powered airguns and for weapons with compressed air cylinders (air tanks) for hunting. The pellet is available in ca... (more)