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Hills Stirrup Pump - MK4

Made in Sheffield, Great Britain!
The latest Patented design Hills Air Rifle Pump, to allow the fitting of the new Dry Pac Air Flow System. Approved by most leading arms manufacturers.... (more)
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Hills Pump MK4 Dry Pac Filter. This kit is for the MK4 pump only and comes with everything you need includig 1 sachet of DryPac Refill. Not for use with the MK 2 or MK 3 pump.... (more)
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Replacement Granules for Hills Stirrup Pump... (more)
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This adapter will fit into a 1/8 bsp stirrup pump/bottle hose and allow you to fill a 1/4 bsp buddy bottle.... (more)
      £6.99 In stock Purchase Options
Converts the 1/8 BSP standard pump outlet for rapid hose connection.... (more)
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Hills Pump Micron Filter/Seal Kit For Mk4. Replacement micron filter kit for MK4 Hill Pump only. This part is included with all full service kits.... (more)
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Hills Pump Piston Seal Kit For Mk4. Set of 3x Piston Seals for MK4 Hill Pump. The classic symptom of a problem with this seal is resistance on the upstroke and tendency to recoil back downwards. The piston seal is the workhorse of the pump and it's life can be dramatically shortened by overheating and a lack of lubrication. To maximise the life of this seal please follow the advice on pumping and lubrication in our instructions.... (more)
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Hills Pump Filter/Full Internal Seal Kit For Mk4. Full Service seal kit for the MK4 Hill Pump. Includes micron filter, piston seal and all other seals. MK4 pumps can be identified by the composite footplate.... (more)
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Hills Male QR Coupling to 1/8 BSP Female.... (more)
      £9.99 Out of stock -
Hills NLGI 2 Silicone Grease - 15g. 15g of NLGI 2 Silicone Grease for lubricating your Hill Pump. This is the only lubricant we recommend. Please be aware that no petroleum or oil based products should be used on Hill pumps.... (more)
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