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FX Radar MKII Wireless Bluetooth Chronograph. Introducing the new FX Pocket Chronograph; a wireless radar chronograph that is both portable and packed with features. The Pocket Chronograph communicates via BlueTooth to your smartphone. The app (available for both iOS and Android) will show you the feet per second your gun is at, it will store an exportable shot string, and even list the muzzle energy of your rifle (in either foot-pounds or joules). Users can store profiles for different rifles,... (more)
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When FX invented the multi-stage hand pump in 1993 it was years ahead of its time. The modern day three-stage FX pump has built on that creation, providing a hand pump which is 30% more efficient than any other pump on the market.... (more)
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15 years of experience has culminated in the ultimate FX pump. The FX four-stage pump has a totally unique gearing system you will not find on any other pump. This allows the user to 'change gear' depending on whether they want high volume (with lower pressure) or high pressure (with lower volume).... (more)
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Clamps directly on to the air cylinder and allows for the easy addition of a sling, strap, bipod or other accessory without any modification to the fore end of the stock.... (more)
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8 Shot Magazine for FX Air Rifles (excluding Wildcat)... (more)
FX Chrono Bipod Adaptor.... (more)
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