Barmah Squashy Roo - Kangaroo Hide Hat - Hickory

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Barmah Squashy Roo - Kangaroo Hide Hat - Hickory

RRP £64.95
Price £59.99

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Product Details

Manufacturer code: 1018-H     |     Our code: 130249

Barmah Squashy Roo - Kangaroo Hide Hat. The Kangaroo hats are ideal for travelling as they are made from one of the strongest leathers in the world, therefore the leather can be cut thinner giving you a lighter weight hat and they fold down smaller. Free calico bag.


  • Squashy® - ideal for travelling
  • The original hat-in-a-bag
  • Made in Australia using Australian kangaroo leather
  • All kangaroo hides are obtained under the Australian Federal Government's Wildlife Protection Act
  • Marks and scratches on our kangaroo leather hats are considered a natural feature
  • Barmah kangaroo leather hats combine the following unique features to make a great outdoor hat:
  • Fully packable
  • Super-light and strong - kangaroo leather is the strongest leather for its weight
  • Water resistant - our "DriHide®" process

Product Reviews

Collected via Trustpilot 3 star review

The quality of the stitchings not great and has tears between some of the stitches and random bits of thread stuck in the stitches. I have a 1617 year old barmah hat which is perfect but it seems the quality control at barmah is going down hill just like most companies now my main complaint with the hat is the metal rings they use for the air vents they have jagged parts on the inside of the hat which catch and pull hairs when taking off the hat besides that the hats great but not the quality id expect for £60 i have chines made hats that cost me £10 that have better quality control.

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review


Collected via 3 star review

I bought a barmah kangaroo hat about 15-16 years ago and the quality is amazing, is still in perfect condition, unfortunately just like every other company the quality control is going down, stitching's not as good and the rings they use for the ventilation holes have jagged pieces that pull hairs when taking the hat off. Not what i'd ecpect for a hat that cost me £60

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

Excellent product

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