Clulite Clu-Briter SPORT LED Lamp

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Product Reviews: 4.5 star review (5)

Clulite Clu-Briter SPORT LED Lamp

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Product Details

Manufacturer code: CLUB-SP     |     Our code: 125997

Clulite Clu-Briter SPORT LED Lamp. The all new Clu-Briter Sport contains a brighter LED which shines up to 700m and is powered by lithium ion batteries contained within the handle making it our brightest and best model ever.

The Clu-Briter Sport has a camouflage design and is lightweight with a rubber grip for comfortable handling. It is IPX4 splash proof and shockproof so will last the test of time and is also fitted with a everlasting LED.

This can be charged from the mains, USB or vehicle so is always ready for use.


  • LED - Upgraded LED giving a higher Lumen output and performance
  • BATTERY - Upgraded to a Li-ion battery instead of NiMH
  • Cost: Nickel metal hydride batteries are less-expensive technology compared to Lithium-ion.
  • Weight: NiMH batteries are larger and heavier than Li-ion batteries.
  • Power: Li-ion and NiMH batteries can actually hold a similar amount of power, but the lithium-ion cells can be charged and discharged more rapidly. Lithium-ion batteries are less affected by memory loss than NiMH batteries
  • COVER - The process for overlaying a camouflage finish on torches is much higher than a plain finish.
  • USB - This model also has the facility to charge from a USB connection along with the mains and vehicle option.


  • Duration: 3 hours continuous beam & 15 hours on low beam
  • Beam: 700 metres
  • Battery: 3.7v 3600mAH Li-ion Battery
  • Bulb: CREE LED
  • Weight: 540g
  • Mains, USB & Vehicle charger supplied

Product Reviews

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

Very bright. Perfect

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

Brilliant torchneeds a tighter beam tho as nowhere near the 700m stated. Perfect out to 150yds which is more than enough. Highly recommended

Collected via 4.5 star review

Brilliant torch,superb value for money. However,no way does it shine out to 700m. Lights up the whole yard out to 150m which is more than enough for most people. Also agree it needs a tighter beam to increase distance,almost a floodlight at close range. However, great bit of kit,easy to re-charge,no more expensive batteries that fail and will be buying another as a xmas present. Really impressed with it and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone considering buying one.

Collected via Trustpilot 4 star review

Very hand lamp though could do with a tighter beam not sure its the stated 700 M

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

A very robust and strong piece of kit. Recommend this to anyone

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