Anyfish Anywhere 2 Piece Red Label Tournament GBFS Pro Fixed Spool Surfcasting Rod - 14ft

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Anyfish Anywhere 2 Piece Red Label Tournament GBFS Pro Fixed Spool Surfcasting Rod - 14ft

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Product Details

Manufacturer code: AA14GBFSPRO     |     Our code: 124998

Anyfish Anywhere 2 Piece Tournament GBFS Pro Fixed Spool Surfcasting Rod - 14ft. The Pro series are the ultimate expression of ‘designed for purpose’ in modern sea angling and are a new series of groundbreaking sea angling rods. The new series are made with the very best materials, feature high end Fuji fittings and are hand built to an exceptional standard.

Thousands of hours of testing both on and off the beach have gone into the design of each new rod, taking over three years to develop and formulate to this new standard. Because of this, Anyfish Anywhere have decided to produce this new series one rod at a time and by doing this, they can put all their efforts into producing the perfect tool for the job.

UK Sea angling with a fixed spool reel has been revolutionized in the past 5 years by the massive influx of European tackle, with 3 piece Continental style rods for dedicated fixed spool use becoming increasingly popular.

Many anglers have reassessed how they fish and what they fish with and every year more and more fixed spool reels appear at a lot of UK marks.

However, not all areas of our coastline are blessed with golden sandy beaches and zero tide, and if you fish one of those areas using a three piece continental rod things can start to get a bit tricky. Those continental rods, as their name implies, have been designed predominantly for fishing in the Mediterranean and therein lies the problem

The Mediterranean Sea has a tidal range of about 3 feet, so this is what the continental rods are designed for, to cast and fish a very small, almost non-existent, amount of tide with tapered mainlines from .16 -.22mm (6-10Lb) with pyramid leads. The famous Cod and skate mark of Battery point at Portishead on the Bristol Channel has a tidal range of 47 feet, so .4 -.45mm (20-25Lb) mainlines and big grip leads are the order of the day.

So Anyfish Anywhere have designed a rod that can be used around the whole of the uk, and not just a few spots on the south coast: rock, kelp, cliffs, piers & beaches, winter to summer the new 14’ GBFS Pro can handle the lot, just like their other red label rods, but this time SPECIFICALLY for the fixed spool angler.

Where many people go wrong, is in thinking that a fixed spool rod and multiplier rod are designed the same way, they are not.

The differences are huge: the way you hold and load the rod when casting; the feel of the rod is different, as is the way it is held when reeling in, and the pressures on the wrists and arms due to its balance are all taken into account.

Anyfish Anywhere have addressed all these points when designing and making this high end fixed spool rod, from scratch; this rod is not the 13’ 7” Match PRO rung for fixed spool.

This rod, as with all their rods, is simply explained in its name: 14' – the length, GB - British style rod - FS the rod is a fixed spool design - PRO the range it is part of.

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