Cutthroat Multi-Purpose Leader with Tippet Ring - 68in

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Cutthroat Multi-Purpose Leader with Tippet Ring - 68in

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Cutthroat Multi-Purpose Leader with Tippet Ring - 68in. Perfect if you find yourself fishing dry fly's one moment and then switching a Dry Fly / dropper set-up or a multiple wet fly set-up. These leaders are 68" in length and created with UNI-Thread. The leader is created with a six step taper; this creates a natural taper without knots. You can pull these leaders through your hands and never feel the joints from one section to the next. These leaders provide an amazing presentation of a fly. They simply have to be tried, words do not explain.

These leaders have No Memory; therefore they create a much more natural drift compared to other leader materials. Wind knot issues will be decreased, presentation will be enhanced and the built in stretch allows you to land larger fish on smaller tippet. They create casts with no over-spray and they deliver the fly perfectly. Because these leaders are slightly shorter than our “Ultimate Dry Fly Leader”, this leader will turn multiple fly rigs more easily. Your casting and presentation will improve. Basic leader design is such that the longer the leader, the better the presentation, but you lose the ability to turn over heavy fly setups. So if you throw larger / heavier flies or tend to throw a large dry and a dropper, this leader may be your best choice.

Keep in mind this is a dry fly leader. The leader is designed to be fished with 5x, 6x or 7x tippet. If you want to throw large dry flies like salmon flies, terrestrials, etc, you can order a leader one size up. Meaning if throwing large flies with a 5wt rod, the 7/8 wt leader and throw huge bugs all day with no issue. The 7/8 wt leader is stronger than the 4-5-6 leader.

Questions and Answers

Q: Can I tie Thread Furled Leader to the Fly Line?
A: Yes, use a Three wrap nail knot, cinch knot tight and cut off the loop

Q: What if I do not like the loop or ring connector?
A: We have many customers that tie tippet directly to the leader using a double surgeon's knot. I often tie 4X tipper to the leader, then step down to 5x.

Q: What paste floatant is best?
A: I often prepare my fishing gear the night before I leave. At this time, I will apply a liberal amount of Otter Butter Floatant to my Dry Fly Leader. Most often, this one application is all that is needed. If the leader does sink, I use the Leader Floatant by Loon to put on a wet leader. Otter butter works better on a dry leader, Leader Floatant works better on a leader that has been already saturated.

Product Reviews

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

Well made and very fluid motion when casting.

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

Ok this is the second one they work well but if you catch a rock they fray very easy.

Collected via Trustpilot 4 star review

Works well a little disappointed as first time out must have rubbed on some rocks and frayed the tippet managed to cut an inch and a half of it and retie the ring still works well. If it frays that ease not sure it is worth the money. A shame that it frays so easy.

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