H&N Hornet Pellets - .22 x 200

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Product Reviews: 4 star review (7)

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H&N Hornet Pellets - .22 x 200 - 1 Tin

Price £16.99
In stock
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H&N Hornet Pellets - .22 x 200 - 5 Tins

Price £82.00
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H&N Hornet Pellets - .22 x 200 - 10 Tins

Price £160.00
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Product Details

Manufacturer code: HNHO22     |     Our code: 120458

H&N Hornet Pellets - .22 x 200. Medium-weight, accurate hunting pellet for medium ranges. High impact and penetration. Aerodynamic design through metal tip. Controlled expansion. Smooth with brass tip.

Weight: 16.2 gr

Product Specification

Calibre .22
Weight 16 Grains
Pack Quantity 200
Type Pointed

Product Reviews

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

Excellent service as usual and quick. These are very accurate and give a very consistent grouping.

Collected via uttings.co.ukUttings 5 star review

Expensive. Too long for most mulitshot magazines as previous reviews do not work in my HW100. however, in springers and single load pcp rifles they are devistating. At 25 yards they penetrate and pass through steel drums, compared to all other pellets I have tried these are frightening even as a 177 in a co2 pistol, ( strangly they fit & work in my HW 44 multi ) they puncture like nothing I have used before. Pellet technology at its best, at 6 or 12 foot pounds the Hornet is a real hitter.

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

Excellent fits into the magazine smoothly no bad pellets

Collected via uttings.co.ukUttings 5 star review

Absolutely fantastic pellet either for backyard plinking for fun or hunting for food. Just had a look at Dave Beadle's comment how he "noticed they were too long" but still forced them in only for them to jam. Dave, that's not the pellet at fault it's you! To sum up..... really really good hard hitting pellet and don't let Dave borrow your gun ;)

Collected via uttings.co.ukUttings 4.5 star review

I would have given a 10/10 if they were cheaper....but I suppose I cant have my cake and eat it. These are extremely hard hitting, punching holes with no problem through tin cans and wood sheet. With a decent scope they are able to reach out to 50yds%2B, and still hit a target the size of a teaspoon (been there and done that). I've never found a single bad pellet in all the tins I've bought. I just wish they were a bit cheaper.

Collected via uttings.co.ukUttings 4 star review

Extremely well manufactured pellet, brass tip is very sharp and hard. they are a fairly long pellet and loading them into a magazine can be a pain, have to be careful they're not going to rotate round and cause any damage, apart from that, would highly recommend.

Collected via uttings.co.ukUttings 0.5 star review

I bought 2x .22 tins of these and am very disappointed. i installed into my HW100 magazine and noticed they are to long, i decided to push them back in the magazine and was able to load into gun. After two shots the magazine had jammed up and it took a lot of messing around to free the magazine, the magazine would not rotate and the brass tip fouled the action. You have been warned.

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