Rio Fluoroflex Tippet - 100yd

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Rio Fluoroflex Tippet - 100yd

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Rio Fluoroflex Tippet - 100yd. Medium stiff, 100% fluorocarbon. Ideal for Steelhead, Salmon, Trout and Bass. The Fluoroflex Freshwater Tippet is medium stiff, 100% fluorocarbon and is ideal for Steelhead, Salmon, Trout and Bass. Clear in color, this freshwater tippet is nearly invisible to fish. The flex of the material is best for larger flies.

This is a workhorse tippet; the kind of gear you know you can rely on! It’s a tad stiffer than Fluoroflex Plus, so it’s an ideal option for those anglers targeting migratory fish or indeed anglers looking to target bigger trout with ‘meaty’ flies! The competition fraternity love it too!

Fluoroflex has been acclaimed throughout the world and has an excellent reputation for reliability. Highly abrasion-resistant and slightly stiffer than RIO’s other tippets; delivering the fly where you want it, even in strong winds.

Line Size Length Test Diameter
3X 100yd / 91m 6lb / 3kg 0.008in / 0.20mm
2X 100yd / 91m 8lb / 4kg 0.009in / 0.23mm
1X 100yd / 91m 10lb / 4.6kg 0.010in / 0.25mm
0X 100yd / 91m 12lb / 6kg 0.011in / 0.28mm


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