Plano Gunguard SE Pistol Case

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Product Reviews: 4.5 star review (4)

Plano Gunguard SE Pistol Case

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Product Details

Manufacturer code: DO10137     |     Our code: 105071

DoskoSport’s quality is not compromised to save a little money. That’s why you’ll always find an extra helping of foam in all Gun Guard cases. 

Dimensions: L 13" x W 9.5" x D 2.5 "

Product Reviews

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

Excellent pistol case. Fits my HW40 really well and holds it really securely. The mouldings on the base so it stands up are a nice feature. Space for a few other bits and pieces inside and I really like the holes on either side for locking it up safe and safe.

Collected via 4 star review

Wide enough to hold my CP99 with a silencer fitted and the slide open. Seems robust, but I have not had it long enough to be certain. There were some sharp moulding edges on the handle and it took several minutes careful filing to get something I could hold comfortably. It is thicker, and hence bulker, that necessary; partially because of the corrugated sides. I have written my name on one side, this tells me which side I want up when opening as well as identifies it as mine.

Collected via 4.5 star review

Fits my HW 40 with a red dot sight fitted with room spare for a tin of pellets. standard size targets can be put under the foam too.

Collected via 4.5 star review

Currently, I own one of these; there will be two more soon. The first case was purchased to hold an Umarex Beretta 92 and its accessories. The case will accept this pistol with a silencer installed, along with a trigger guard laser sight, three CO2 bulbs, five rotary magazines and a tin of pellets. Crucially, when the case is stood on end, none of these items slide to the bottom. Instruction manuals, allen keys and other small things can be placed under the removeable foam lining. Externally, the case has corrugated sides, small feet and metal bar hinges. The two thick plastic closure hinges are re-assuringly solid, and the whole thing feels robust enough for general carry. My only minor criticism is that it, when the case is on its side, it isn't obvious which way up it is; the markings are identical. But, since nothing will have moved around inside, that shouldn't be a problem. If you need to house a single large pistol, with accessories, this case is an excellent choice

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