Acu-Life Sonic II - Shooters Aid Hearing Protection

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Product Reviews

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

Work surprisingly well. Cheap enough to be replaced frequently for hygiene reasons or just wear and tear.

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

Comfortable and affordable

Collected via 4 star review

Using them for many years I find them NOT THAT BAD as others opinions expressed... Pistol shooting , 25 met standard, 50 meters free , and Gross Caliber....always 60 shots during 3 hours...... Not expensive, 90% efficient and small for the pocket.

Collected via 0.5 star review

Hi. Shooters aid. You will need a hearing aid after useing these. What a load of rubbish. Used them at the weekend and after a hundred birds, it was like shooting with no protection at all. Total waste of money!

Collected via 1 star review

only tried these as my usual brand were unavailable, found them uncomfortable, plus they don't reduce gunshot noise sufficiently, wouldn't recommend at all.

Collected via 2 star review

Bought these along with the cheaper set of basic Acu-Life orange ear plugs. These don't feel comfortable at all - even after a few minutes of use. I'll stick with the cheap set or a proper pair of electronic defenders. Would not recommend.

Collected via 2.5 star review

They work in principle and allow you to hear (a bit) when they're in, as long as it's not windy... you can only seem to hear whistling when it is. To me they feel like a bad fit and far too uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Have heard similar reports from friends who have tried them.

Collected via 1.5 star review

I took these out for a clay day for the first time and if there were working, then i'd be mighty surprised.Each shot seemed to be as loud as if not wearing them. Maybe I have strange shaped ears, but I'm too worried about my hearing to use them again.