RWS Superfield .177 (4.52) Pellets x 500

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RWS Superfield .177 (4.52) Pellets x 500 - 1 Tin

Price £6.79
In stock
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RWS Superfield .177 (4.52) Pellets x 500 - 5 Tins

Price £32.00
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RWS Superfield .177 (4.52) Pellets x 500 - 10 Tins

Price £62.00
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Product Details

Manufacturer code: RA2317164     |     Our code: 103687

Pellet Guide

Superfield Domed Pellets. Especially suited to PCP air rifles. This heaveyweight round nosed pellet offers the usual RWS quality, accuracy and performance.

Product Specification

Calibre .177 (4.52)
Weight 8.4 Grains
Pack Quantity 500
Type Domed

Product Reviews

Collected via Trustpilot 4 star review

Didnt seem to like my TX200HC or HW97K.Quality and condition lo0ked fine though.

Collected via 4.5 star review

tried as an alternative to JSB's and AA Diabolo and overall pretty impressed, nice ragged hole at 25m but at around 45-50m they seem to drop faster than the AA's. they look a touch longer profile but are clean and consistent, will only use for hunting once POI is tested at all ranges. they seem to hit slightly lower and ever so slightly right compared to AA's and JSB's as do Superdomes!! But at around 3-4 pound less than AA's I will keep testing them for hunting,

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

These pellets were packed so well they were perfect. This is a surprise as they are made of soft lead and easily damaged. Well done.

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

Great price all sorted and weighed. Ill try them Saturday.

Collected via 4.5 star review

For the price these pellets are very good in my walther RM8 at 27m and 37m.

Collected via 4.5 star review

Used RWS Superfield .177 4.52 with my Daystate Airwolf MTC, 25 mt pellet on pellets, so far so good I am on my 2nd tin, and thet are £3 cheaper that the AA.

Collected via 4.5 star review

I have been trying to find balanced pellets other than AA Dialbo Field, for my BSA R10 and Daystate Regal, OK with BSA 80% with Regal 99% , best I have found as all round pellet. Only do plinking mainly at 30 yards , but can do pellet on pellet using Daystate with these , great for target shooting. Also have a good solid feel to them and damage minimal from tub, if any ! For the Happy plinker wants accuracy, consistency and best price will recommend highly.

Collected via 4.5 star review

Excellent value for money! An extremely tidy and uniform, with hardly any damaged or deformed pellets per tin! Give excellent tight groups in my HW100 KS (approx 5p or less at 30 yards). In a nutshell: top quality pellet at a bargain price!!!

Collected via 0.5 star review

These pellets look like really good quality pellets, but my BSA Ultra Se hates them! The grouping is so bad, that I could name them as the worse pellets Ive ever tried. My Kalibrgun Cricket didn't like them too. The RWS Superdomes were quite good though.

Collected via 1 star review

My Daystate Mk3 didn't like these pellets at all. Tried a few using my Air Arms TX200HC and was all over the place, get a grouping forget it I was glad to hit the target not any better in HW100, think I will stick too air arms or sovereign in both .177 and .22

Collected via 5 star review

I have been using Weihrauch pellets which give excellent results with my HW95k on a 25 yard range, however these Superfields give the same result as the Weihrauch pellets except the Superfields are £1 less than the Weihrauch pellets. So, I'm going to be using Superfields from now on, top marks RWS!

Collected via 4.5 star review

I tried these through my newly purchased HW97KT S/S, and the rifle is married to them, they are very accurate, consistent and 1/2 inch group's at 45 yrds. I didn't give a 10/10 as they do leave a slight colouration on your fingers and the lid to the tins dont stay on once opened, so a safe tin is good to have or pouch.

Collected via 4 star review

These are good value for money, made for PCP but they are very consistent and accurate in both BSA Comet and HW97K. Prosport didn't like them (increased spring noise) but if Superdomes work in your rifle, these are worth a try to see if they give you more.

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