Falcon Accuracy Plus .177 (4.52) Pellets x 500

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Falcon Accuracy Plus .177 (4.52) Pellets x 500 - 1 Tin

Price £8.99
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Falcon Accuracy Plus .177 (4.52) Pellets x 500 - 5 Tins

Price £43.00
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Falcon Accuracy Plus .177 (4.52) Pellets x 500 - 10 Tins

Price £84.00
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Product Details

Manufacturer code: FP177     |     Our code: 103608

Pellet Guide

Falcon Accuracy Plus Domed Pellets.

Product Specification

Calibre .177 (4.51)
Weight 7.3 Grains
Pack Quantity 500
Type Domed

Product Reviews

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

I use these on a 25 metres range with my Air Arm rifle and they are very accurate. I would give it 5 stars but there are always somevery few deformed pellets so not perfect. But extremely accurate pellets.

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

Still testing these so cant comment just yet.

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

Consistent grain weight 1 grain across a tin of 500 pellets. Very well made with very rare skirt deformations. Excellent for both field target or hunting use. I gave some of these in .177 to a friend to try and now he wont use anything else.

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

The same top quality light weight alternative to Diablo.

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

Fantastic seller superb service highly recommended

Collected via uttings.co.ukUttings 5 star review

I purchased 500 of these falcon pellets, after reading mixed reviews. I use them in .177 with my hw100, I cannot fault these pellets, in Quality and accuracy, I used them on range in calm conditions, Shall try them soon in the field.

Collected via uttings.co.ukUttings 4 star review

Well worth a try with Air Arms ProSport .177. Weight consistency could improve a little but overall very tight groups. Confirming what other ProSport owners claim about these pellets.

Collected via uttings.co.ukUttings 3.5 star review

Use these in my FWB300s in Lea Valley's veteran series.Shooting very accurately out to 35yards at 7ft/lbs and generating wins.Also use them in my Falcon RN8 pistol in our pistol HFT series; good for a light pellet! Would not use them for FT or HFT as I consider they fall off over 35yds if non-ideal weather conditions occure.You really need the heavier 8.44,s to handle all the English weather throws at you. Would be good indoors, but pushing it outside at over 35 yards.

Collected via uttings.co.ukUttings 5 star review

I tried these in my BSA lightining SE they were bang on target every time. better than daystate and diabolo field and bisley magnum and smk black and baracuda and webley accu pell.

Collected via uttings.co.ukUttings 4.5 star review

I found these produced good groupings in my HW100K in still conditions. I've not really used them enough in wind to say whether they are better tor worse han JSB/AAFields my stock pellet however they are noticably flatter. They have thiner skirts than the other two so I suspect they are more susceptible to damage. I expect indoors these would be a good pellet provided they were well formed. Have found in 22 they have been damaged which suggests variable qualitty control

Collected via uttings.co.ukUttings 5 star review

Bought ten different test packs from pellet perfect and these came out on top, shooting was outside over two days, one still and one windy, target distance 25 yrds, both groups of eight shots covered by a 1 pence peice.

Collected via uttings.co.ukUttings 0.5 star review

Tota waste of money. Like Allan about 80-90% of the pelets were crushed and unusable. Those that were not crushed gave good power readings on chrono but when checking accuracy at 20yds the target looked like a shotgun blast. About 8 inch spread. Tried in R10 ans HW95k. Will stick to H&N FTT and BSA Elite. Both give sub 1/2 inch groups at this range and still stay sub inch at 35yds

Collected via uttings.co.ukUttings 5 star review

I have just started using these in my Steyr LG110 Sport and Weihrauch HW 101 Carbine and have found them to be equally as good as JSB Exacts and Airarms Diablo Field which I have used constantly up until now. I shoot mainly FT and am pleased to have found another good quality pellet for outside use which are very accurate for my shooting needs up to about 55yds, even though they are considerably lighter. So far I have found no problem with damaged pellets in the tin.

Collected via uttings.co.ukUttings 5 star review

I used these in both an AA 510 and Daystate Mk4 and found them excellent and very consistent and accurate indeed. Hopeless on an outside range because of being so light but have never found a better pellet for target shooting indoors. Unlike Allan I have never had any obviously damaged ones in a tin and I can only imagine that made a big difference and / or they just didn't suit his barrel as AA Diablos don't suit either of my rifles!! Worth trying.

Collected via uttings.co.ukUttings 1.5 star review

Bought these pellets to try in my falcon prairie. what a mistake must be the worst pellets on the market i would say 90% of them were damaged, skirts bent and out of shape flew all over the shop. I'll stick with exact diablo,s in future

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