Bisley Premier .22 Pellets x 200

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Bisley Premier .22 Pellets x 200 - 1 Tin

Price £4.99
In stock
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Bisley Premier .22 Pellets x 200 - 5 Tins

Price £22.00
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Bisley Premier .22 Pellets x 200 - 10 Tins

Price £42.00
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Product Details

Manufacturer code: BIPM22P     |     Our code: 103513

Pellet Guide
Heavy, accurate hunting pellet for medium ranges. High impact and penetration with maximum shock effect. Smooth with blood grooves.
Weight 17.13 gr
Recommended for Field Target rifle, hunting rifle
Ideal for Hunting, up to ranges of 25 yards.

Product Specification

Calibre .22
Weight 17.3 Grains
Pack Quantity 200
Type Pointed

Product Reviews

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

Very good pellets. accurate shooting

Collected via 5 star review

I will certainly be back to this site, so easy to find exactly what pellet my rifle likes and for a great price, cheaper than ebay.

Collected via 0.5 star review

They were ok to 15m at 25m they'd be a good 6"s off centre in whatever direction they chose. Thankfully I had some long range gold which I'd only bought as they were as close to my springers favourite accupel. The LRG grouped about half an inch less accurate than the accupels which apart from 1in 20 grouped within a 50p sized area at 25m which I centre my scope at. This was in a building site with no windage.

Collected via 5 star review

I also bought the sample pack and these pointed pellets were the best in my pcp, they hit almost pellet on pellet. I wanted to choose between the Magnum and the LRG but the rifle made its own choice, so now i have bought 5 tins of the premiers. Let your rifle decide.

Collected via 2 star review

I bought a Bisley sample pack and these were among the pellets included. They didn't look like the usual high quality Bisley pellets and didn't shoot like it either. I tried them in an AA S410 and Pro Sport and neither were grouping at all at 20m. They may be ok in your gun but they did not suit either of mine.

Collected via 5 star review

I am not a big fan of pointed pellets, the extra penetration you get from the pointed tip will get you no where! If you want to hunt use a hollow poin , what kills an animal is the massive energy transfer and tissue damage something is guaranteed with hollow points, but the pointed ones will give you a long tunnel.

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