Air Arms Field .22 (5.51) Pellets x 500

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Air Arms Field .22 (5.51) Pellets x 500 - 1 Tin

Price £12.99
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Air Arms Field .22 (5.51) Pellets x 500 - 5 Tins

Price £62.00
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Air Arms Field .22 (5.51) Pellets x 500 - 10 Tins

Price £122.00
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Product Details

Manufacturer code: AIDO5.51     |     Our code: 103502

Pellet Guide

Air Arms Field Domed Pellets. When only the best will do, choose Air Arms pellets.

Consistency and accuracy are the key to successful shooting and the Air Arms Diablo Field delivers both in abundance. Stringent controls ensure that the pellets are produced to the highest standards, giving you confidence with that all important shot. A very popular choice with hunters and a good all round performing pellet.
Weight: 16 gr

Product Specification

Calibre .22 (5.51)
Weight 16 Grains
Pack Quantity 500
Type Domed

Product Reviews

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

Great pellet.. great results

Collected via Trustpilot 1 star review

Bought these to test suitability through my air arms s410 carbine these did not prove as accurate as the 5.52 version I also purchased as a comparison these may well work perfectly in another rifle but for my particular barrel the 5.52 are perfect.

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

Excellent pellets. Tried others but these come out on top.

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

For my rifle these were the perfect pellet and very affordable thanks to the supplier

Collected via 4.5 star review

I have always been a fan of these pellets. Due to their high lead % content, they are soft and therefore easily damaged. Expect to find some with bent skirts but remember that the compression within the barrel will straighten most of these anyway. That said, overall a great pellet.

Collected via 4.5 star review

Received my tin via the courier and after fighting through the packaging I found the tin grooved and dented, a few pellet's in the tin had skirt damage, otherwise a high impact, accurate and outstanding pellet. 9 because of the damaged skirts, otherwise it would be a 10.

Collected via 5 star review

Absolutely brilliant pellet for my Daystate Airwolf, my search is over and I'm sticking with these. Unbelievable accuracy and an inspection of a 500 pellet tin only resulted in 2 with damaged skirts.

Collected via 5 star review

After trying 15 or so different pellets in 50,51 & 52 These AA Hunter field in 5.51 cut a seven mm hole at 25 m from my HW100 (Off a rest of course) nothing else came near.

Collected via 5 star review

These are, without doubt, the best airgun pellet for hunting. I shoot .22, and can get 5p groups at 28-32yds shooting from a shooting stick. They hit hard and have the best ballistic coefficient for any pellet in its range.

Collected via 5 star review

I've been using these pellets for years now for pest control as well as garden target. I have to admit, having tried countless different brands and types, these are by far the best pellets for my BSA Lightning. Nothing else to date has come close. I have a sub-1" group at 30 metres from kneeling position, ten shot groups. They have been more consistent with accuracy as well as speed/power using a chrono. They impart a lot of energy on impact, which is superb for pest control.

Collected via 5 star review

I find this pellet excellent out to 30yds in my old BSA Airsporter, I can, very consistently put 10 shots in a 1" group. Also love them for vermin control, the do seem to have a great impact. I have used them on Rabbit, Corvids and Woodpigeon very successfully. A very nice match for my gun anyway

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