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Greys QRS Fly Reel - #9/10/11/12

Cassette reel supplied with 4 cassettes (2 of each line size), along with line identification pins
Greys QRS Fly Reel - #9/10/11/12. Greys developed the ground breaking QRS (Quad Rating System) cassette reel for the avid angler who fishes a variety of situations. The unique spool system allows the angler to fish 4 different line sizes on the same size reel, simply by changing from one spool size to another at the flick of a switch.... (more)
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Greys GTS800 Fly Reel - #9/10/11

Suitable for freshwater fly angling for Seatrout/Salmon
Greys GTS800 Fly Reel - #9/10/11. A new price point for Greys, the GTS800 is aimed at freshwater fly anglers. The reel is constructed of bar stock 6061 aluminium and features a Rulon disc drag system. We have utlised the most modern reel design which plants Greys firmly in the modern day fly anglers armoury.... (more)
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